This is Peaches the “pit bull,” and her adopted sister Dinga.
Peaches was rescued from the streets of Eugene by
Save The Pets (thank you Rene).


Peaches tutu resize
Some like to dress their pits up in spike collars with chain leashes. I like to emphasize the softer, loving side of Peaches.

She can sleep really, really soundly--and snore really loud.

Peachs loves to swim. She howled to get into the pool, and howled when we took her away.

She loved jumping in, would paddle around a while, get out (with help) and jump right back in.

500+ dogs went swimming. This was a fundraiser for the Heartland Animal Shelter in Corvallis, Oregon.

They are really close friends. Be careful though Dinga--that’s a “pit bull.” ;-)