Waldport, Oregon Sept 2007

Dowd house, Waldport OR

very cozy very cozy

This one bedroom unit had two fireplaces, upstairs wind protected deck, covered front porch, benches on the cliff, and super bathroom with jacuzzi tub!!

Up on a cliff, the views were spectacular...

North to Waldport and Alsea Bay Bridge

Very few people on the beach this week

lovely solitude

view from bedroom window

A pause from the wind, then suddenly, she started taking off her clothes!!!... Sitting on the sun deck!!

Very beautiful Mel, sweet... Click Pic for more information... hehehehehe


click at your own risk LOLOL

Rare clear sky to the horizon..

Lucky us..

The aftermath...

We had dramatic skies often..

Waves were relatively gentle, tides were not severe hi or low... But, I love to watch the waves anyways...

Lincoln Beach, Fishing Rock..

a last,lingering pause before coming home..
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