Rad Victorian Radio

    The Cronicles of Elizabeth & Matilda   
                Ms. Stanton and Ms. Gage reincarnate - as
     beatnik poet and LA waitress - to bring 19th c. radical
     feminist agendas into 21st c. brains. In pursuit of  'a
     wicked Left' they note the same processes which warpt
     the revolutionary vision of their day into reformist
     regression drearily recur in 2nd Wave feminism of the
     late 20th c.  Reuniting to construe the essential female
     issues of antiChurch, antiState, antiMarriage, antiCapital
     within an electric global context, our ladies with Many
     Fists & One Tongue rampage against social dysfunction,
     eco-destruction, market exploitation, and control of the
     evolving primate experience by retro patriarchal ideologies.
     Tune in!   

 Amazon Theory Cafe 
 A call for kickass female discussion.

 A Course in Ti-Grace:  recovering the extreme case.  (In progress)
 The Blue Liner:  Matilda drives her Vehicle thru
                               History.   (In progress)


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