Amazon Theory Cafe
             A call for kickass female discussion.

Forum:  Anyone out there beyond the FemYups, the
FemBots, and the Freudian Frenchies? I.e., any females
who do NOT define themselves as auxiliary or subordinate
functions to a patriarchal religious, cultural, economic and/or
psychological system of Text and Analysis (HolyBook and
BehavioralCodes) in the name of facilitating (more or less)
smoother functioning of:
   Job      Marriage           God's Approval       Academic Career
   Sex      Relationships     Book Contract        Street Survival
   All of the above

RadVictorianRadio's position:  Time for fearless retrieval of
origynal feminism's anarchic Holism, the rowdy deconstructionism
of all Naturally Thinking Wild Women ('Every woman is a rebel'
Oscar Wilde).  AntiBible, antiMarriage, antiCapitalism, antiState,
essentially a proEvolutionary female-respecting pagan tribalism
based on ecologic and cyber principles of maximum health of
earthly habitation via the courage of human imagination.

You too? Enter and rant.