RPS Files Available for you to Download

NOTE : Pretty much all of these programs (Except DDD12.ZIP and any others Indicated)
will currently NOT work on a Processor over 200Mhz
There was a bug in a unit I used when making those and haven't released updates yet.
I haven't gotten any requests to re-release them, so E-Mail if you would like it.

ALLFL111.ZIP- AllFiles v1.1 - By Jack Dobiash
This Program will compile a listing of your file areas into a text file for your users to download. You can select which bases you wish to have scanned in, and can have multiple file listings! Easy to use interface!
For : Renegade v04-05 (And Compatible Versions)

AGALL2.ZIP- Ansi Gallery v2.0 - By Terry Kingry
BBS Use or Local, $7.50 to Register, Menu Bars, Help, Up/Download Online. CONFIGURABLE!

BBSLST20.ZIP- BBS Lister v2.00 - By Brainy and Wild Thing
Downloadable List, Extensive Information on BBS Listings, Sysop Editor!
This Program is now FREEWARE!!!!!! Enjoy!!!

BMANIA12.ZIP- Birthday Mania v1.2 - By Jack Dobiash
Creates a Bulletin of Users who are Having Birthdays!
For : Renegade v4-05+

CTOP21.ZIP- Chart Toppers v2.1 - By Jack Dobiash
This Renegade Utility (04-05+) is a 4 in 1 package which includes Top Posters, Top Callers, Top Downloaders, and Top Uploaders! This Version Includes VERY Configurable Color Options, along with an option to even include the sysop in the listings!
Color Code Alignment Bug Fix!

pii.jpg (1166 bytes)DDD14.ZIP - Dobiash Disk Doctor v1.4 - By Jack Dobiash
This program allows you to make byte-by-byte changes to your Hard Drive. *USE AT YOUR OWN RISK*

GTIME115.ZIP- GiveTime v1.15 - By Jack Dobiash
Allows Users to Transfer Time from Their Time Bank to Another User. Compatible with Renegade Versions 4-05 and 5-11.

LASTFC14.ZIP- Last Few Callers v1.4 - By Jack Dobiash
Color Configurable Program that creates a Bulletin of your BBS's Last Callers!
For : Renegade v5-9 and Above

ONELNR11.ZIP- The One Liner v1.1 - By Jack Dobiash
A neat little One Liner door for your BBS! Comes with an editor for the lines and works with any systems that can produce DOOR.SYS!

pii.jpg (1166 bytes)PDRAW1_121.ZIP- PipeDraw v1.121 - By Jack Dobiash (Works on new Computers!)
Color Screen Editor Designed to Let you Create/Edit/Save Files Using the Renegade Pipe Color Code System! Also Includes Basic Support for ANSI, as well as the Binary Format. Update has MCI Code Listings Included! Fixed Block-Loading Bug.

PIPETPU2.ZIP- PIPE.TPU v2.0 - By Brainy and Knightbird
A very handy Turbo Pascal v7.0 UNIT file that allows you to changes colors WITHIN a string, using PIPE and CONTROL colors! Saves time and code space!

PIPETPU3.ZIP- PIPE.TPU v3.0 - By Knightbird
The Best just keeps on getting better! Now works with a TEXT variable instead of a procedure! And it's even faster now! For Turbo Pascal v7.0, so far...

REGISTRY.ZIP- User Registry v1.0 - By Dan Oliver
A Registry Door for any system that can use DOOR.SYS! Let's you define what questions you wish to ask your Users!

RGPIPE13.ZIP- RGPipe v1.3 - By Jack Dobiash
View RG Pipe and Control colors within text files from DOS Prompt! MCI Code and Padding Support!

SMPROT41.ZIP- Smart-Prot v4.1 - By Jack Dobiash and Terry Collier
For a Fast and Easy to way to put Protocols into your Renegade BBS, use SmartProt v4.1!
Multi-Node Support and Support for Non-Standard Comports!
This version fixes the Default Z-Modem bug in the 4.0 version
Compatible with Renegade versions 10-05 and Higher!

STRING12.ZIP- Renegade String Editor v1.2 - By Jack Dobiash
Although newer RG versions allow easier editing of the strings, they still lack in the ability to see what your string looks like as you type it, and also the ability to abort the editing of a string. This program allows you do those things. Although it was made specifically for v5-11, you can still use it on older versions of RG, the only thing is that some of the strings won't match up with what they say they are.

TUSAGE11.ZIP- Total Usage v1.1 - By Jack Dobiash
Creates a Bulletin on your Renegade BBS's Usage (Total and Daily) Is Now Color Configurable!

Got a Question for One of the Authors? E-Mail Them!

Brainy (Jack Dobiash) - brainy@teleport.com
KnightBird - knghtbrd@earthlink.net

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