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Children's Workshop

Class Schedules and Registration Information

Classes are held in:

During the school year, classes will be 50 minutes long after school scheduled at 4:30, 5:30 and 7:30 four or five times a week for 40 days.

Summer classes will be two hours, four days a week, scheduled from 5:30 to 7:30.

Free Placement Tests Included

To meet the different needs of our students we offer instruction at several different levels. Prior to each session, we conduct a free placement test that helps us determine which level is appropriate for your child. Children who do not place into any of our levels are referred to alternative services. We strive to limit class size to 4 or 5 students.


Tuition is based on a sliding scale, according to a family's ability to pay. The fee most frequently paid is $200. Our total cost is $450. Funds are raised from grants and contributions to make up for the difference. Each child receives 40 classes, plus a test at the beginning and the end of the series of classes.

Free Placement Test Schedules: TO BE ARRANGED

Our tests determine whether our program can help your child, and if so, which class he or she should attend. No charge or obligatioin, but you must reserve a 10-minute time slot in advance for the test.

All classes will be held at the:

Savage Memorial Presbyterian Church
1740 SE 139th
Portland, OR
(corner of 139 and Mill)
between Stark and Division
These facilities were previously used by
Snow Cap Charities