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Our names are Charles and Sharon Arthur. We each have taught for over 30 years in special education and/or regular education classes with young children from grades1-8.

Charles has recently conducted a research project in early childhood education (see Cornerstone Projects) and teaches a class in reading instruction at Portland State University Continuing Education (Strengthening Reading Skills). He has three Masters' Degrees and has completed post graduate work at Boston College.

Sharon has been teaching primary level classes since the middle sixties and has experience with a host of teaching methods for beginning reading.

Annual ADI Awards for Excellence in Education

At the seventeenth Annual Eugene Direct Instruction Conference three excellence in education awards were made by the Board of Directors. These awards went to Chuck Arthur for Teacher of the Year, Stuart Greenberg for Administrator/Supeervisor of the Year, and a special award was given to the Monterey County Office of Eucation for Excellence in Education.

ADI Teacher of the Year.

The Association for Direction Instruction announced Chuck Arthur as the deserviing recipient of the Teacher of the Year award. Chuck is a resource room teacher at H. B. Lee Middle School in Reynolds School District in Troutdale, Oregon. Before moving into special education, he also served as an elementary school counselor and fifth grade general education teacher. Chuck has an extensive background in behavior management and Direct Instruction. He began studying Direct Instruction research at Boston College in 1984. He has attended every Eugene ADI Conference since 1987.

As a teacher, Chuck simply refuses to believe that kids can't learn. He feels that with the right programs, teaching delivery and student motivation, learning will take place. His supervisors report that Chuck has "brought forth on the part of his students the kinds of measured achievement that most teachers in his position could only dream about." One supervisor wrote: "In almost thirty years in education, I have never seen a teacher with the dedication, perseverance, and degree of student academic success as Chuck has maintained over the past several years." Another reported that, "Chuck is never satisfied; he is always looking for ways to improve his program, and institutes his modifications with great care and preparation."

Chuck's students make impressive gains. It is not uncommon to hear that a student who reported hating reading earlier, now seems to spend every spare moment with books. Chuck is also able to involve parents who, either out of frustration or lack of interest, have not been involved in school for several years. He manages to make the parents a key part of the educational process and gain their real support.

Chuck inspires other teachers as a model of effective teaching. His colleagues report that they learn so much from working with Chuck and are consequently very pleased with their own gains in effectiveness. Chuck remains current on the latest research and applies that knowledge to his classroom. He also continually studies what is happening in his classroom and with his students, making adjustments and applying new knowledge as warranted.

In short, Chuck Arthur is a dedicated professional who makes outstanding use of the direct instruction model, who most often gets phenomenal results from previously discouraged students, and who deserves recognition for his efforts.