Everybody Reads

Children's Workshop

Why choose the Everybody Reads Children's Workshop.

We can teach your child to read. We teach the basic phonetic skills that enable children to read easily, accurately, and with good understanding. Everybody Reads Children's Workshop is the first after-school reading program in the Portland area that is affordable and effective. No other program like this exists in the area.

We know that basic phonetic skills enable chidlren to read well because it is those skills that skillful readers use. Skillful readers can read words well because they have learned how to decipher the alphabetic code. Therefore, the best way to learn how to read is by learning the phonetic basis of the alphabetic writing system. This enables children to learn to read early and produces a high rate of success in the early grades (over 95%).

Everybody Reads Children's Workshop conducts four series of workshops a year and teaches these skills in small groups at their level and pace. Internationally known methods land programs are used that have been researched and developed over the last thirty years by a team at the University of Oregon.

The curriculum used is SRA's Reading Mastery and the Corrective Reading Program which have been shown successful in more independent scientific research than any other reading programs.