Mastery Learning Institute


The Mastery Learning Institute is a registered Oregon public benefit non-profit organization with 501 c (3) tax exempt status with the IRS. It was formed in October, 1999. It obtained the IRS tax status in February 2000. It has an active Board of Directors and an Executive Director. The first year of existence has been a time of organizing and starting the after-school program, Everybody Reads.

Mission Statement

The main purpose of this organization is to develop and conduct projects that provide specialized educational services to children, teachers and parents in the pacific northwest.

The mission of the Mastery Learning Institute is to increase successful child learning and to accelerate progress of children towards a high level of academic competence. This mission is based on the belief that all children can learn and achieve a basic and higher-order level of competency in core academic subjects.

Projects that will be developed and conducted will be in the area of direct instruction of children in core subjects, teacher professional development and training, research in early childhood education, and training of parents and other adult volunteers in child tutoring programs. All teaching projects that will be developed and conducted by this organization will be based on a mastery learning model for teaching academic competence.

Other Projects in Process

The Mastery Learning Institute seeks to play a larger role in the education of children by developing a variety of projects. It is currently developing four projects in addition to the Everybody Reads program.

1.) Presenting teacher workshops to local school staffs on the importance of teaching phonics in early reading instruction entitled, " Why Phonics?"

2.) Conducting a research survey among Portland and Salem area teachers on what primary grade teachers believe and do in teaching reading.

3.) Developing a charter school for grades K-3 in the east county area.

4.) Sending out a monthly Newsletter to local schools and officials on Teaching Reading IS Rocket Science.

Also, as a result of a special scholarship from the state organization, the Executive Director will be attending several research symposia on teaching reading at the International Dyslexia Association convention in Washington DC on November 8-11, 2000.

Board of Directors

  • Charles Arthur, President and Executive Director, M.S. Ed., M. Div. Adjunct Professor: Portland State Univ.
  • John Nelsen, Vice-president, M.S. Ed., Project Developer and Supervisor, Columbia Education Center
  • George Rochat, M.S. Ed., Reynolds Middle School Teacher, Computer Consultant/Specialist
  • Susan Grewe, M. Div. Minister, Savage Memorial Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR 97231
  • Dr. Richard Rosenberg, Ph. D. Clinical Psychologist, School Consultant
    Adjunct Professor: Lewis and Clark College
  • Dr. Jerry Fladoos, Chiropractic Physician
  • Dr. Caleb Burns, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
  • Ted Okrasinski, Investment Securities Officer
  • Frank Falco, M.S. Ed. Teacher Trainer, Research Supervisor