"Knucklehead Chopper Trike"

Last Year of the Knucklehead



by ex-girlfriend Renee L. Rhuman [previously "Renee L. Lindsay NPI#1033393368 & Lic#H2392" a Dental Hygienist in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon] & her new boyfriend Robert Rhuman [Now Husband]Their Families took what was left, icluding Jesse A. Park (meirfboy) & Matthew Park

Bear Creek Ranch Road,Cheshire, Oregon 97448

Along with my Equipment, Tools, Inventory, Narcotic Prescription Meds (Provigil-Morphine-Methadone), all my cloths, Family History & Future, leaving me homeless & crippled, but worst of they took my beautiful Harley




Purchased Bike at 19

Click Here to View 1936 Stock Knucklehead Military Trike

Tried to Sell Before

April 2011

Court Order Eviction by Ex

Boyfriend Bob & Renee screwed this cripple right after surgery on neck while unable to walk from ankle injuries caused when ex's sheppard drug me down a hill on a walk. But that's what modern day christians do, right.

Lie, Cheat, Steal and Betray the Poor & Crippled for the little they need to survive.

I was lucky to get out with my life, the Truck, Tractor, the Dog and the Guitar

This was Your Chance to Get a Great Deal on a Rare Machine

Gone Now

Please return it to me to release the Curse

They Trashed the 63 Riviera Too



Return of My Inheritance Unharmed Requested

The Most Beautiful Trike in My Life

They took everything I owned to destroy me financially, tools, equipment and inventory, over million $$ leaving me homeless now 5 years and in a Wheelchair

Engine & Trani were sitting in frame Ready to Run

1947 Knucklehead Harley Davidson Chopper Trike: 61" Knucklehead /w collection of engine drive sprockets, drag pipes, left toe shift 4 speed transmission /w collection of transmission drive sprockets [all forward/no reverse], left hand booster clutch, Panhead frame /w 45 trike wishbones and 45 rear end /w additional trussrods, 14" 50 tires, 20" over springer front end, 6 bend pull backs /w 8" half diamond risers, 6.5gal Johny Tank, king/queen seat. Frame cradel has no tank design so all engine in your face, just bolt on upper engine mount.

Frame, Engine and Case Numbers reported to State Police, & CHPs. I Pray that a Curse of Terror & Violence be placed on all who handle or possess the Trike or any parts, and their families, for 10 generations. Only the return of all parts will resolve this matter.

Click Here to View a Larger Image of 47 Knucklehead Trike

Will post Images on request or email link to web page to view photos of Trike and specific parts/details

(541) 726-7059

Email: Click Here to Contact about 47 Knucklehead Recovery


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