Welcome to Earl S. Garber's Home Page!!!
Ham Radio stuff, work, fun, etc.
Me and my wife  Brenda  (married  32  years!)

Here's what IS on this page: Here's what's NOT on this page: Here is what you'll NEVER find 
on this page:

This is what I've written Flashy backgrounds HTML for HTML's sake
Earl's Ham Radio Pages Things that blink Links that don't.
News flashes!!! Funky Unintelligible Fonts Unreadable Mixes Of Colors
The usual list of links Pictures that take years to load Profanity, you #@&$% idiot!!!
Animated GIFs that will
make you dizzy and 
make you lose your lunch
Guestbooks with all of the
messages password protected
so you can't read them.
Here's where I work Phony hit counter that reads 5,000+ Copyright violations
The local ham radio club Empty space (the final frontier) Banner ads!!!
Here's where I live Anything that will cost you $$$ A webcam
Views on the issues Microsoft-bashing Java(yawn,snooze)script
Letters from friends and enemies Microsoft-worshiping CGI, ASP, E-I-E-I-O...
Where is my service van? Annoying music "Sign up here for free stuff..."
Where is my car? Audio files that reset your volume WaReZ aNd pHrEaKs
Where am I? Really BAD backgrounds Complaints about my  ISP
Weather in my back yard Connection hogging streaming media Flash animation/REAL® annoying audio
Kids, grandkids, relatives, friends "Download THIS" messages Redirectors to porno sites

This page is best viewed with  YOUR EYES OPEN!!!

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