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This web site is meant to serve as a reference source for all people wishing to trace the genealogy of the Chciuk family. Please note that there's a separate page called American Chciuks with a little more information on the American side of the family. Thanks to Kylie Chciuk for getting in touch with some details.

Our entire family is still grieving the loss of Krystyna Bokota, my eldest first cousin, on June 16th, 2010. Krys, or Krzysia as she was known within the family, was a distinguished psychiatrist and a tremendous role model, and her loss is painful. She did write a beautiful memoir entitled Two Trains from Poland: A Journey in History and of the Human Spirit which you can get from .

There have been three major family reunions of all Chciuks in Majdan Zbydniowski, the first on August 18th, 2007 and the second on July 4th, 2009. The third one was in 2012 -- I had to miss that one. I attended the first one with my mom, and we were treated as the guests of honor. Altogether there were about 200 directly related people there, of whom fully a third had the last name Chciuk. I also attended the second full-scale Chciuk reunion on July 4th, 2009, with my wife and three sons, and got to have the honor of planting an oak tree in my late father's memory and giving a short speech of sorts. The pictures are on flickr.

On the subject of Chciuks in America, I recently unearthed a fascinating NEW bit of information, namely, that on the 1st of November, 1923, the passenger ship Lituania landed at Philadelphia from Danzig (Gdansk) and brought to America one Rozajla Chciuk, aged 18 years, hence born in or about 1905 in Majdany, Poland, to visit Adam Chciuk; and Rozalja was accompanied by Marjanna Chciuk, aged 60 years. After talking with family historian Adam M. Chciuk about this, it turns out they were Adam Chciuk's mother and niece, and after visiting Adam in Michigan, where he worked as a barber, they returned to Poland. There is some further interesting news to report, namely that I found the Clayton Chciuk household listed in the 1920 Census, living in New Jersey with four kids. I had never heard of Clayton Chciuk before. It turns out he would have been the same person as Kajetan Chciuk, who came over from Poland. Kajetan became Clayton.

We (or at least our side of the family) are all apparently descended from one Jan Chciuk (born in 1769, died August 13th, 1826), who had a son named Michal Kciuk, born ca. 1798 and died March 9th, 1851 in Majdan Zbydniowski, a small village in southeastern Poland, not far from Tarnobrzeg and only about 18 kilometres from Sandomierz. Jan's father was Marcin born in 1721, died March 27th, 1801. This would make "Martinus Kciuk vel Witkowski" (as his name appears in the parish records of Majdan Zbydniowski) the ancestral father of our family. It turns out he had three sons (Jan, Józef and Wojciech), and a daughter, Malgorzata. There's more information at the village homepage of Majdan Zbydniowski which contains genealogies of the Chciuks still living in the old home town, who appear to be a separate branch from ours, although of course we're all related. Michal, my great-great-grandfather, had four sons: Stanislaw (born in 1828), Michal (born July 18th, 1837), Walenty (born December 29th, 1839) and Jan, my great-grandfather, who was born July 26th, 1842 in Majdan Zbydniowski. He took part in the "January Rebellion." He died in Drohobycz in 1926. He is pictured below with his five sons in a photograph taken around 1910.

Jan Chciuk and his five sons, ca. 1910 photo

These were:

Michal Chciuk had four sons and a daughter. These were:

Take a look at the Chciuk family portrait, taken around 1923 in Drohobycz, here.

It is a matter of interest and considerable pride to note that all four of these Chciuk brothers were awarded Poland's Cross of Valor (Krzyz Walecznych), as was Wladek's wife, Krystyna; two of them received the highest military medal, the Virtuti Militari (complete list of recipients ); and three French Croix de Guerre.

A search of the United States Social Security Administration's records of deceased individuals yielded nine Chciuks who died in the U.S. between 1937 and 1995.

They are:

Now to the living Chciuks in America. I made a separate page for the American Chciuks which will try to present more information. There appear to be a couple of branches of the family, so I'm trying to trace it back to whoever came over on the boat. Adam Chciuk (my great-uncle, who emigrated to America and disappeared) was certainly one, as was Joseph Chciuk. Another branch of the family stems from Clayton Chciuk, who is listed in the 1920 Census as a chemical laborer in New Jersey, aged 30. Clayton Chciuk and his wife Elizabeth were both born in Poland around 1890. They are both listed as illiterate, which probably just means they couldn't read English; though their daughter Katherine (born in 1911 or 1912) is listed as being able to read and write. Their son, John Chciuk was born in New Jersey on February 11th, 1914; their son Joseph is listed as 4 years old in 1920, and their daughter Anna is listed as 1 year old. There's also the Adam Chciuk who wound up as a barber in Detroit.

Harry Chciuk, grandson of Adam, has been in touch. So have Matthew Chciuk and Julian Chciuk (born August 23rd, 1942 in Brooklyn, died December 8th, 2000 in Buffalo Grove, IL). Julian's grandfather was named Adam Chciuk but he probably wasn't the same Adam who was my great-uncle. This Adam was born in 1886 and died September 12th, 1961. He married Frances Socha (born in 1887, died October 27th, 1961) and they had two sons, William Chciuk and Julius Chciuk. Julius was the father of Julian and Frances, and Julian Chciuk had three daughters, Rene' Marlo and Toni.

Matthew Chciuk is the son of Matthew Chciuk and the grandson of Joseph Chciuk. Matthew is the father of Piotr M. Chciuk and Mieczyslaw T. Chciuk.

Plus there's my direct side of the family, outlined above, and we haven't been here for that many generations.

You can find a lot of Chciuks if you dig around on the web.

Zbigniew Chciuk lives in Illinois with his wife, Jadzia. Their son Richard Chciuk is a graduate of Loyola University. Zbigniew has a brother called Richard, and numerous other siblings, as he told me he came from a very large family, fourteen kids in all, of which a couple died as children. See the American Chciuk page here. Richard Chciuk (brother of Zbigniew) has a daughter named Kelly Chciuk, who has gotten a hold of me, and another daughter named Jackie Chciuk, who graduated from Daniel Webster College in the Class of 2000. I think Richard and Zbigniew had a dad named Stanley, who was the son of John, and Stanley got married in Buffalo in 1910. We're not sure exactly how we're related, but my sleuthing leads me to think that the Chciuks already living in the fourth generation in America are descendants of a cousin of Jan Chciuk, my great-grandfather.

Plus, there are Chciuks living in Germany and Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: This web site's information is drawn from a variety of sources, which don't always agree. There may be discrepancies! And there are the big questions: what happened to "our" Adam? etc. New information and new contacts keep coming in, and it's evident that there are numerous Chciuks in America and Canada, and a whole bunch of us in Poland (Majdan Zbydniowski is still the home base, and numerous Chciuks live there yet). We don't all know how exactly we're related, and my efforts are strictly amateurish. I will continue to update the information as best I can. Also, I withdrew the detailed genealogical table because a couple of people objected to their names being posted on the internet.

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