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Snow Bud's Biggest Hits cover art by Chris Newman

The Flying Heart CD, "Snow Bud's Biggest Hits -- Authentic Masters" has been released and may be mail-ordered immediately!

Snow Bud Comics #1 and #2 are also available, as is the "Green Thing" CD.

And there's Holy Smoke on Melliferous.

Somewhere in the highest, remotest part of the mountain kingdom of Nepal, there grows a legendary plant which is said to exude such an abundance of pure white crystals from its flowering tops that the entire bud appears to be covered with a fine dusting of snow. This is the legendary Snow Bud! Of course, it also grows under clandestine cultivation in many secret gardens on earth, where bhang is not tolerated in any form despite its high value as THE HEALING OF THE NATION -- and in fact a vicious regime makes the mere possession of even a small amount a federal crime!

The hero of our comic book series is a psychedelic rock musician who has been blessed since before his first birthday with the ritual smoke of this magical bud, and who continues to this very day to enrich the world's storehouse of love and knowledge with the help of frequent ceremonies involving the sacred bud. This is the legendary SNOW BUD! He travels the length and breadth of the nations of the world with his band of Flower People. You can find out about the origins of Snow Bud by reading Snow Bud Comics #1, and simultaneously listening again and again to the dual-length cassette, Complete Works -- which features the underground classic anthem, BONG HIT .

For further in-depth study of Snow Bud's pro-hemp, anti-hard drug philosophy, you must intently study the "Green Thing" CD, partaking of bhang at frequent intervals. Plus, if you're a devoted Snow Budist (chant "Emmm...") then you'll want to look at the Snow Bud and the Flower People My Space page .

Remember the Snow Bud greeting: "GOT A BUD?"

...and who can forget the Snow Bud Motto: STAY HIGH!!

For a complete listing of Snow Bud products available through Flying Heart, visit the Full catalogue

Remember there's also another excellent Snow Bud album called Ripped van Stinkle on Tim/Kerr Records right here in Portland.

... and there's also a Snow Bud album called "Stoned and Alone" on CM Records out of Washington State.

The final Snow Bud album (to my knowledge) was recorded here in Portland during April of 2002, it's called Holy Smoke and it's out on the Melliferous Records label. Since these CDs are relatively hard to find, they can usually be mail-ordered from Flying Heart for fifteen dollars.

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