Modern airplane -- marvellous thing

Jan driving cousin Julian's Peugeot 307 in Poland

My cousin Marek Lovell and his wife Malgosia at home in Krakow

The Dom Ludowy in Majdan Zbydniowski

Girl flawlessly decked out in the folk outfit of Lowicz

Family historian Adam Maria Chciuk with his wife Ewa and daughter Aleksandra

a different Adam Chciuk (foreground) commanding the Majdan Army

Some of the soldiers of the Majdan Army -- weekend soldiers for sure, not regular Polish Army forces

And let's not forget those of us murdered by the Germans and the Soviets -- note ages 17 and 23

In the main dining hall -- we filled two other major rooms. Mom is seated next to Mr. Daciow and across from the two Rozynek girls and the young Dymnicki

Mom in Sandomierz on a sunny Sunday

Julian Chciuk in Sandomierz

Boleslaw Chciuk at the reunion in Majdan Zbydniowski. He's Julian's uncle.

Marek Lovell at a BP station in Krakow

Mom at the Hauptbahnhof in Munich,in front of an ICE train, bound for Italy

The pool at the Sollievo in Montegrotto. It's filled with the healing mineral water.

Jan and his Mom in their bathrobes at the Sollievo, after Fango treatment.

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