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The Gays

A Taste of the Blue Rose (various artists)

Eddie Harris

Chris Newman, aka Snow Bud, aka Napalm Beach

Jan Celt / The Esquires

Janice Scroggins

Thara Memory

Tom McFarland

Tadeusz Chciuk-Celt's books in Polish


FH-331 WHATCHA GOT? by the Esquires.

Vinyl LP and cassette. With Jennifer Eland (vocal), Jan Celt (guitar, vocal), Lester McFarland (bass, vocal), Janice Scroggins (piano, keys), Greg Fisher (drums), Rich Halley (tenor sax), Warren Rand (alto sax) and David Mills (trumpet).


  1. The French Song
  2. Sometimes
  3. Funky Broadway
  4. I Feel the Blues Comin' On
  5. Tell Her That You Love Her
  6. Highway 99
  7. Times Runnin' Out
  8. When a Man Loves a Woman.

Recorded at Desitrek in Portland, Doug Durbrow, engineer. Vinyl LP, Catalogue # FH-331, $9.50; Cassette, Catalogue # FH-331C, $9.50

FH-333 PLAY by the Esquires.

Vinyl LP and cassette. With Jan Celt (guitar, vocal), Mary Reynolds (vocal), Sue Owens (vocal), Janice Scroggins (keys), Lester McFarland (bass), Jonathan Drechsler (bass), Rich Halley (tenor sax), Warren Rand (alto sax) and David Mills (trumpet).


  1. Blues from the Tears of my Eyes
  2. Which One of You People
  3. No Guarantee
  4. 21 Player
  5. Unemployment Blues
  6. Better Get it Together
  7. S.W. Side
  8. No Need.

Recorded at Desitrek in Portland, Mike Demmers and Doug Durbrow, engineers. Vinyl LP, Catalogue # FH-333, $9.50; Cassette, Catalogue # FH-333C, $9.50

FH-451 ESQUIRES by the Esquires.

12" 45 RPM vinyl EP. The first recording on the label, with Jan Chciuk-Celt (guitar, vocal), Janice Scroggins (piano), Lester McFarland (bass), Carlton Jackson (drums), Rich Halley (tenor sax), Warren Rand (alto sax) and David Mills (trumpet).


  1. Since You Left Me
  2. You & Me
  3. S.E.Hawthorne
  4. Barefootin'
  5. Chux Boogie
  6. Happy.

Recorded at Rex in Portland, Cal Scott, engineer. Vinyl EP only, Catalogue # FH-451, $5.00

Tom McFarland smiling and playing guitar in a photo by Rodney Dahl

Cover photo by Rodney Dahl


CD and cassette. With Tom McFarland (guitar, vocal), Bill Coones (bass), J.W. Moore (drums), Jan Celt (guitar), Janice Scroggins (piano), Rich Halley (tenor sax), Warren Rand (alto sax) and David Mills (trumpet).


  1. Just Got in from Portland
  2. Worried 'bout my Baby
  3. Cold Steel
  4. Blues Fall Down Like Rain
  5. The Tickler
  6. Rainy Day Blues
  7. Bugs
  8. 1945
  9. Zig Zag
  10. Goin' Back to Oakland.

Recorded at Desitrek in Portland, Doug Durbrow, engineer. CD, Catalogue # FH-332D, $15.00 Cassette, Catalogue # FH-332C, $9.50

Red painted mask of the Devil with a patch on one eye, against a backdrop of corn plants

Cover photo by Jan Chciuk-Celt

FH-336 VOODOO GARDEN by Tom McFarland.

CD, cassette. With Tom McFarland (guitar, vocal), Jan Celt (guitar), Phil Baker (bass), J.W. Moore (drums), Dover Weinberg (Hammond organ), Peter Boe (piano), Al Hickerson (tenor sax), Gary Harris (tenor sax), Jeff Homan (alto sax) and David Mills (trumpet).


  1. Prophets in Babylon
  2. How Long I Wonder
  3. Blue Reverie
  4. I'm a Witness
  5. Blues at Midnight
  6. Voodoo Garden
  7. Lookin' for an Angel
  8. Delta Soul Disease
  9. Blues Came Back Last Night
  10. Get in, Get the Money, Get Out.

Recorded at Desitrek in Portland, Mike Demmers, engineer. CD, Catalogue # FH-336D, $15.00 Cassette, Catalogue # FH-336C, $9.50

Janice Scroggins plays Scott Joplin, at the Steinway in a formal portrait

Photography by Fudge


CD, audiophile vinyl LP, and cassette. CD re-issued July 2008. Solo piano played by Janice Scroggins.


  1. Maple Leaf Rag -- with original introduction
  2. Solace
  3. The Cascades
  4. The Ragtime Dance
  5. The Entertainer
  6. Bethena
  7. Elite Syncopations
  8. The Easy Winners.

Recorded at Desitrek in Portland; Mike Demmers, engineer. 2008 CD re-issue mastered by Kevin Nettleingham, graphics package by Caleb Olsen. CD, Catalogue # FH-334D, $15.00 Vinyl audiophile LP, Catalogue # FH-334, $9.50; Cassette, Catalogue # FH-334C, $9.50

weird lizard creatures having sex in front of chanting frogs

Cover art by Joe Sacco

FH-335 LIQUID LOVE by Napalm Beach.

CD, LP, cassette. With Chris Newman (guitar, bass, vocal) and Sam Henry (drums).


Recorded at Desitrek in Portland, Mike Demmers, engineer. CD, Catalogue # FH-335D, $15.00. LP, Catalogue # FH-335, $9.50; Cassette, Catalogue # FH-335C, $9.50

FH-337C COMPLETE WORKS by Snow Bud and the Flower People.

Dual-length cassette only. With Chris Newman (guitar, vocal), Greg Slyter (guitar, bass), Jeff Roth (drums), Nancy Loeffler (bass), Hassan (congas).


  1. Bong Hit
  2. Grass is Groovy
  3. Spaced Out
  4. Killer Bud
  5. Hassan
  6. Rat Fink
  7. Mary Jane Brown
  8. Spacin' Mason
  9. Peakin'
  10. Bad Trip
  11. No Shake
  12. Seeds for Thought
  13. Bummin' from Mom
  14. Dope Famine
  15. Thaied Up
  16. Blue Hawaiian
  17. Dick in the Dirt
  18. Black Congo
  19. Flashback
  20. Speed Freak
  21. Uppers Downers Inners Outers
  22. Mainline
  23. Hitchin' in the Nude
  24. Friend With Weed.

Recorded at Bongdonk in Kalama, Chris Newman, engineer; remastered at Desitrek in Portland, Mike Demmers, engineer. Dual-length cassette, Catalogue # FH-337C, $12.00

psychedelic flaming eye, melting

Cover art by Chris Newman

FH-337D SNOW BUD'S BIGGEST HITS -- AUTHENTIC MASTERS by Snow Bud and the Flower People. CD only. Features all but four of the songs originally available only on cassette, remastered for CD by Kevin Nettleingham at Nettleingham Audio, Vancouver WA. CD, Catalogue # FH-337D, $15.00

Soldiers wading ashore on an island in flames

Cover: detail of photo by U.S. Army, from the National Archives. View original photo.

FH-338 FIRE AIR AND WATER by Napalm Beach.

CD, imported vinyl LP. With Chris Newman (guitar, vocal), Dave Dillinger (bass), Sam Henry (drums).


  1. She Moved Away
  2. Quazella
  3. Out of Control
  4. Holy Ground
  5. Man Without a Home
  6. Cat with Nine Lives
  7. Streets of Stone
  8. Help Us
  9. Dark Ages
  10. Beast Comes Around
  11. More TV
  12. Pugsley.

Recorded at Skyline in Düsseldorf, Peter Krick, engineer. CD, Catalogue # FH-338D, $15.00 Imported German vinyl LP, FH-338, $12.00

Cover photo by Jan Chciuk-Celt

FH-339 GREEN THING by Snow Bud and the Flower People.

CD, cassette. With Chris Newman (guitar, vocal), Jeff Roth (drums), Greg Slyter (guitar, bass), Jan Celt (guitar, bass).


  1. Persian Pillow
  2. Diesel Cocaine
  3. Metal Lover
  4. Cajun Bud
  5. Pot Tattoo
  6. Crashin' Hard
  7. Third Shelf
  8. Big Skunk
  9. Green Thing
  10. Amsterdam
  11. Undo Me.

Recorded at DogFish in Newberg, Drew Canulette, engineer. CD, Catalogue # FH-339D, $15.00 Cassette, Catalogue # FH-339C, $9.50

Chris Newman hooked up to a bunch of gear and looking cross-eyed

Cover photo by Jan Chciuk-Celt

FH-341 VOLUNTEER by Chris Newman.

CD only. With Chris Newman (guitar, bass, vocal), Lance Paden (drums).


  1. Volunteer
  2. Unclean
  3. Silver Rain
  4. Onward
  5. Mr. Gus
  6. Down in New Orleans
  7. Angels Ride
  8. The First Time
  9. Dr J
  10. Big Black Car
  11. Run With the Pack
  12. Why Do Parties Have to End?

Recorded at Alan Sound in Portland, Gary Schroeder, engineer. CD, Catalogue # FH-341D, $15.00

painting by Shamsud-din showing a black musician riding a zebra

Cover art by Isaka Shamsud-din

FH-342 JUKE MUSIC by Thara Memory.

CD and cassette. With Thara Memory (trumpet), Warren Rand (alto sax), Michael York (tenor sax), Andre St James (bass), Ron Steen (drums), Gordon Lee (piano), George Mitchell (piano), Joe Keel (piano), Jake Kot (bass), and Greg Fisher (drums).


  1. Return of the Minstrel Man
  2. Song of Marion
  3. Black Spaniard
  4. Spring Spirit
  5. Stompin' at the Hobbit
  6. All in Love is Fair
  7. Juke Music
  8. Shaba
  9. Blues for Warren.

Recorded "live" at the Hobbit in Portland, Drew Canulette, engineer; and at Spectrum in Portland, Doug Durbrow, engineer. CD, Catalogue # FH-342D, $15.00 Cassette, Catalogue # FH-342C, $9.50

Eddie Harris in a cloth hat

Cover photo by Jan Chciuk-Celt


CD and cassette. With Eddie Harris (tenor saxophone), Thara Memory (trumpet), Phil Baker (bass), Ron Steen (drums), Peter Boe (piano) and Janice Scroggins (piano).


  1. Ignominy
  2. Three Quarter Miles
  3. My Man Ed
  4. Deacceleration
  5. Vexatious Progressions
  6. Cedar Trees
  7. Sara By Moonlight
  8. Essence of Matter
  9. Monk's Moment
  10. Silver Plated

Recorded at Musicraft in Wilsonville, Drew Canulette, engineer. CD, catalogue # FH-343D, $15.00 Cassette, catalogue # FH-343C, $9.50

black and white op-art image by Bridget Riley

Cover art by Bridget Riley

FH-344 LOOKIE TOOKIE by Jan Celt

CD only. With Jan Celt (guitars, bass, vocals, drum programming) and guest appearances by Janice Scroggins (keyboards), Tom Hill (trombone) and Gary Harris (saxopohones).


  1. Got What I Wanted
  2. When I Get Home Alone
  3. Holding Something Back
  4. Lookie Tookie
  5. Stinson Beach
  6. Part Time Dad
  7. Scammin'
  8. Molalla Doodle
  9. Doobie Do
  10. Gregory Heights

Recorded and mixed at Alan Sound in Portland, Oregon; Gary Schroeder and Jan Celt, engineers. CD, Catalogue # FH-344D, $15.00

colour-altered image of blue roses

Cover art by Fellene Gaylord, from a photograph by Jan Chciuk-Celt

FH-345 A TASTE OF THE BLUE ROSE by various artists, including O.C. Thomas, Mel Solomon, Lily Wilde, Bob Shoemaker, Jan Celt, Johnnie Ward, Norman Moody, Rich Halley and Chris Newman. CD only.


  1. Two Trains Runnin' -- O.C. Thomas
  2. Further On Up the Road -- Mel Solomon
  3. Be Baba Leba -- Lily Wilde
  4. Alone Again Tonight -- Bob Shoemaker
  5. Humanoid Boogie -- Jan Celt
  6. That's My Baby -- Johnnie Ward
  7. Bad Luck Neighborhood -- Norman Moody
  8. Lava Blues -- Rich Halley When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer -- Mel Solomon
  9. All Your Love -- Bob Shoemaker
  10. Paulette -- Jan Celt
  11. Back Talkin' Betty -- Johnnie Ward
  12. Sorry For Myself -- Chris Newman
  13. Mother-in-Law Blues -- Mel Solomon
  14. Don't Shout at Me, Daddy -- Lily Wilde
  15. John G -- Rich Halley

Additional musicians include Carlton Jackson on drums, Janice Scroggins on keyboard, Randy Monroe on bass, Dover Weinberg on keyboard, Albert Reda on bass, Townsend Angell on bass, Rich Halley on saxophone, Gary Harris on saxophones, Mary Sue Tobin on saxophone, Johnnie Ward on saxophone and harmonica, Rob Blakeslee on trumpet, Jan Celt on guitar, Jesse Schmunk on guitar, Bob Shoemaker on guitar, O.C. Thomas on guitar, Chris Newman on guitar.

Recorded at GAS House Studio in Portland. Engineer: Gary Schroeder. Catalogue # FH-345D, compact disc only, $15.00

Chris Newman with a cigarette butt in his mouth, holding a sign upside down that says Need Help, God Bless

Cover photo by Chris Newman

FH-346 TARP TOWN YEARS by Chris Newman.

CD only. With Chris Newman (vocals, bass, all guitars, keyboards), Sam Henry (drums), Mary Sue Tobin (saxophone), Ted Heath (harmonica) and Jan Celt (violin).


Recorded at GAS House in Portland, Gary Schroeder, engineer. CD, Catalogue number FH-346D, $15.00

Masonic-looking symbol

FH-347 SECRET SOCIETY by The Gays.

CD only. With Roy Tinsel (vocals), Mo Sepatown (guitar & background vocals), Capt. Coyle Parker (guitar), Damian Branica (bass) and Greg Odell (drums).


Recorded at GAS House in Portland, Gary Schroeder, engineer. CD, catalogue number FH-347D, $15.00.

FH-452 Obo Addy: African American EP No longer available through our distributors.


AMSTERDAM b/w POT TATTOO, by Snow Bud and the Flower People. 7" single, green vinyl, with original cartoon on cover. This is a co-production with High Times magazine. Snow Bud was their centerfold in the August 1993 issue, and they've also run several one-page Snow Bud comics. This is a total collector's item. Catalogue # FH-453, $5.00

KILLER BUD b/w THIRD SHELF, by Snow Bud and the Flower People. 7" single with original artwork by Chris Newman. This is a SUB POP Singles Club Single of the Month, not available in any stores, and a world-class rarity. Not a Flying Heart release! Offered as a service to collectors only, you have to part with $20.00 to get one.


Snow Bud T-shirt, 100% cotton, groovy design by Chris Newman in purple and green on black, size XL ($12.00) or XXL ($15.00)

Snow Bud Comics #1 by Chris NewmanFor adults only! Contains explicit graphic images! You must be 18 years old or older to order! This hilarious comic book details the antics of our hero Snow Bud and his band. It kind of goes along with the Complete Works dual-length cassette, FH-337C, listed above. Snow Bud Comics #1, $3.00

SNOW BUD COMICS #2 by Chris Newman The second volume of our hemp-huffing hero's smoky exploits. Absolutely delightful artwork by Chris Newman, but you must be an adult over 18 years of age to order it! Snow Bud Comics #2, 36 pp, $4.00

Phillip's Dream World Colouring Book by Chris Newman. This is definitely all-ages, totally suitable for children. Tells the story of Phillip's Dreams in pictures, high-quality print job, beautiful book, really takes a crayon well. Not technically a Snow Bud product, but of great interest to Snow Budists and fans of Chris Newman. Children's Colouring Book, $5.95


Koncert -- Opowiadanie Cichociemnego by Marek Celt. Personal narrative in Polish, detailing the author's first wartime parachute mission behind enemy lines in Poland during World War II. ISBN 0-9635004-0-6. 100 pages, paperback, $5.95

Biali Kurierzy by Marek Celt. Personal narrative detailing the author's heroic exploits during the first winter of World War II, when he was a ski courier on cross-border missions into Hungary. ISBN 0-9635004-1-4. 389 pages, paperback, $11.95.

Raport z Podziemia -- 1942 In which the author gives a detailed account of the state of the Polish Underground in 1942, after his commando descent by parachute into German-held territory. Includes first-hand eyewitness descriptions of the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto. ISBN 0-9635004-2-2. Paperback, 409 pages, $11.95.

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