The Gays are a hard-rocking original band from Portland. Their first Flying Heart CD, "Secret Society," is available for mail order from Flying Heart, online from and in some stores -- and it's a sensation. With thirteen completely original songs penned by the songwriting duo Myers-Davis, "Secret Society" establishes The Gays as a blazing new talent. The band played a flawless gig at the Ash Street Saloon on December 15th, 2004 to celebrate the release of this amazing CD.

The Gays are:

Look at these reviews:

In the December 2004 Two Louies, S.P. Clarke writes "These guys seriously rock out, with vocalist Roy Tinsel providing Bowie/Iggy type vocals over a well-executed double guitar and bass barrage. ... I don't think the world ... is anywhere near ready for this. Look out middle America, here comes your worst nightmare!" Well!

The Portland Tribune of December 14th, 2004 writes: "They're loud, brash and extremely confrontational, liking nothing better than to rattle any cage they deem complacent. Secret Society is so raunchy that Jerry Falwell would have a conniption after the first chorus ... prodding listeners into assessing any confused feelings that churn away inside their troubled bosoms ... most head-banging enthusiasts should find the Gays' glam-rock styling to be suitably fulgurous, regardless of political or spiritual inclination." Suitably fulgurous! (Let us turn quickly to the Oxford English Dictionary, wherein we read that "fulgurous" means "resembling lightning; full of or charged with lightning.")

Take a look at the Gays' own press release, or perhaps manifesto, by clicking here. If you're interested in finding out more about some of the Gays, dig this: Damian Branica played bass in the Lower East Side Stitches or LES Stitches who were featured in a Spike Lee joint called "Summer of Sam." Greg Odell is the founder of the Last Regiment Syncopated Drum Corps. And Roy Tinsel (Willamette Week interview ) has been an inspiration to other artistes.


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