Other services offered by Flying Heart

In addition to the production of projects for the Flying Heart label, Jan Celt also offers producer services to clients. He can line up a recording session, get the best sidemen, see your project through to completion. He sees it as an opportunity to help people get in touch with the realization of their dreams. Factoring in his years of experience, his musical know-how and his "ears," he has a long list of satisfied clients, and in fact guarantees it. OK, there has been one dissatisfied client, ever, and he got all his money refunded. True fact! The rate Jan charges for producing music projects is $250 per day in the studio; homework and preparation are free of charge. Beat that!

Producer Jan Celt at the desk over at Sound Impressions

Demos are accepted at all times, but if you would like to submit a song for a detailed critique, there's a charge for that. It's fifty dollars.

Consultation fee: fifty dollars per hour. Could tell you a thing or two that's useful.

Demo submissions

We accept unsolicited demos, sent in the mail to Flying Heart Records, 4015 NE 12th Ave., Portland OR 97212. You must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope to receive any kind of reply. The music must be original. Cassettes or CDs are all right, with anywhere up to ten songs on them. Your music will get listened to for sure, but we don't guarantee a reply to each and every person, due to the volume of demos received daily by our tiny regional label. It helps to include the usual materials: lyric sheet, bio of artist, photo, promotional t-shirt, etc. Priority is given to artists living and working in the Pacific Northwest.

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updated April 11th, 2016 by Jan Chciuk-Celt