Foto by Coach Alex Mustico

Standing L to R: Bela Feketekuty, Roger Moore, Chris Tait, Roger Curtis, Randy Zoerb, Larry Ingram, Ety Bellay, Mike LLoyd, Alex Rudich, Lance Feero.

Kneeling L to R: John Celt, Dirk van der Rhoer, Mark Sutton, Mark Rozpedowski, Harald Becker, Peter Bratvold, Charles Loser, John Devine

Ety and I think the two girls sitting on the hill are Sue Gentry and Tuddy Smyth.

Sadly, not all of us survive. Alex Rudich died of a stroke in Serbia in 2003. He was a doctor. Harald Becker died of pancreatic cancer in Austin, Texas in September 2012. He was a college professor, teaching German. Mark Rozpedowski passed away in San Dimas, California in July of 2011. The last time I talked to him, he was a construction contractor.

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