Thara Memory

photo by Steve Bloch

Thara Memory (November 23rd, 1948 - June 17th, 2017) was a jazz man. He played the trumpet. He was also a teacher and mentor who had a huge personal influence on lots of young musicians coming up in Portland, including me. Thara was recognized and honored as such by Esperanza Spalding, who won a very important award a few years ago and handed it right over to him. The world was long owed a record of his prodigious talent, and here it is, recorded over twenty years ago now: Juke Music. Most of the cuts are recorded "live" at the Hobbit, a club which no longer exists, by this fine band, which also no longer exists. But if you love the sound of the trumpet in the hands of a really skilled player, you'll find something really special here. He also plays his "donkey" off on our Eddie Harris release, Vexatious Progressions. Eddie, by the way, produced the mix on this album.

Here's what Doc Severinsen had to say about Thara's album:

"I would like to urge one and all to give a listen to this special music of Thara Memory, a dedicated and wonderful musician. There is something very special here. Listen and enjoy."

...and writing for the United Nations FAO CASA Gazette, Stavros Moschopoulos says:

"Extremely notable ... you must ABSOLUTELY own and listen to this CD ... no if's, but's or else's ... This is the best jazz CD I've heard in a LONG, LONG time. 'Thara Memory is a jazz man. He plays trumpet,' says his publicity. I say AMEN!!! Thank you Thara for such wonderfully elegant and complex beauty."

Thara Memory is now established as one of the legendary figures in Portland jazz. He did put out a CD called "Chronicle" on his own label, Tharaboy Records, in 2008. That would be his only other CD recorded under his own name. I think you can get it at CD Baby.

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