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A religious solitary and an active sole proprietor publisher, I look back on a long life of widely established religious connections and I communicate with thousands of friends via Facebook as Rosalie V. Grafe, as Quaker Abbey, and to promote the medical mission of the women's Honduras monastery on Facebook as Amigas DelSenor. I also share links suggested from my 30 years of library reference work under the whimsical name of SpiritLake Harry Truman.

Amigas del Senor: Methodist Monastery, Beth Blodgett and Prairie Naoma Cutting, Portland, OR, Quaker Abbey Press 2010, is the story of two women who got on the bus in Portland, OR in 2006 and emerged in Limon, Colon, Honduras to build and establish a Methodist/Quaker/Protestant mission to serve the medical needs of North Coastal Honduras clinics and to live lives of service, worship, sustainability in their local neighborhood. The proceeds of the print version of their book all go to serve their work. Proceeds from the digital version revert to this publisher. The ebook is available for iPad, iPod, iPhone via iTunes. See Amigas DelSenor on Facebook for daily photos and email messages from the monastery.

Pearsall Family History
My mother's mother was born Olive Almara Pearsall. Her family history went back 1100 years to the Norse outlaw Rognvald the Wolf. His son Rollo, first Duke of Normandy was the ancestor of several royal houses of Europe. The line that became the Pearsall Family of England and America is documented in the large books by Clarence Pearsall. These give the genealogies of many who bear the name in its various spellings. 




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