Pearsalls Picture Album (in progress)

Section I : "Galleys NYPL


Mystery lady from Pearsalls "Galleys". Is she holding a gun with her knitting?




Home of Mrs. Elizabeth Pearsall Cole. The two links of chain in the foreground were part of the chain used to block the Hudson River During the Revolution.


Unidentified Pearsall, possibly Duncan Pearsall Campbell, son of Sarah Pearsall, Grandson of Thomas Pearsall, of the Flushing Long Island Quaker family.






Emma Jane Russell Pearsall: born Brookvill, Pa, 1863 (date on picture) m. James Henry Pearsall Sept. 20, 1881, d.Dec. 24, 1901. (Dates from Pearsalls V.III p.1242 Section 7) According to a letter, she came west with a wagon train hired by the Russell family.



Name on picture: John Pearsall

I believe Clarence Pearsall's nameing of "James" as Emma Russell's husband should have read John.


Olive Almara Pearsall and Arthur Carlyle Canterbury




Elsie Vivian Canterbury, my mother


Children of Olive Almara Pearsall Canterbury and Arthur Carlyle Canterbury

Pearsalls V.3 p. 1242 Section 7 #3

The eight ladies and the two gentlemen are children of Olive Almara Pearsall Canterbury. The two oldest, including my mother, Elsie, are in the back. The next two, Daisy and Ollie (Olive) are behind the men, Frank and Arthur Canterbury. Between them is their sister Dorothy.

As always, smiling Aunt Minnie, (she who lost the original, large set of Pearsall books in a fire) is in a place a bit apart. The two youngest, Violet and Jean are in the front. Unfortunately, the older ones are also the shorter and my poor mother occupies a fragment of the upper left hand corner. She was 5' 5" tall, as is my oldest daughter, Ann Marie.

Elsie Vivian Canterbury, Gladys Canterbury, Olive Canterbury (Ollie), Daisy Canterbury, Frank Canterbury, Dorothy Canterbury, Arthur Canterbury, Minnie Canterbury, Violet Canterbury, Jean Canterbury


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