Jocelyn Rose Latka daughter of Ann Marie Sigler Latka . Mitchell Sigler son of Bethany Sigler

Ann Marie Sigler Latka , Bethany Sigler, and Max Herman Grafe children of Rosalie Verna Grafe

Rosalie V. Grafe (born April 15, 1943), George Lee Nelson, Ernest Kay MacReynolds children of Elsie Vivian Canterbury

Elsie Vivian Canterbury (born Dec. 16, 1903) daughter of Arthur Carlisle Canterbury and Olive Almara Pearsall Canterbury. Died February 22, 1979.

Olive Almara Pearsall (born June 23, 1882) daughter of James Henry Pearsall. Died 1941? Buried Rose Park Cemetary Portland, Or.

James Henry Pearsall (born August 19, 1858) resided at Chehalis, Washington son of John Henry Pearsall. Died 1913.

John Henry Pearsall born April 4, 1831; died May 18, 1897 and buried at Richardsville, Jefferson Co. Pennsylvania. His wife Dinah Moore was born in 1837 and died in 1913 and is buried in Claquato, Washington.
He was the son of John Pearsall and his first wife Hannah Morey 1802-1827.

John Pearsall, born March 21, 1801; died December 24, 1886 and buried at Richardsville, Penn. Resided at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. And Little Tobey and Brookville, Penn. Son of Peter Pearsall.

Peter Pearsall : born in Pleasant Valley, Duchess County, NY January 7, 1769; died February 26, 1838; buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, near Caledonia, Penn. (His wife Mary Burtis is buried on the family farm. Her tombstone gives the dates Dec. 12, 1765-July 16, 1818. She was the mother of ten children.) son of George Pearsall.

George Pearsall: born Dec. 31, 1739 at Herricks, now known as Searingtown, Long Island, New York and died December 3, 1825; buried on the old Pearsall farm in Saratoga County, N. Y. (Son of Nathaniel Pearsall)

His first wife was Magdalene Shear of Beekman Duchess County, N. Y. She was born Dec. 18, 1749; died Dec. 15 1807 and buried in Pleasant Valley Friends Cemetery, Duchess Co. NY. Her father and others started the Lutheran church close to Poughquag, Duchess Co. NY. She was the mother of fourteen children. After her death, George Pearsall married another Friend, Deborah Killey Case of Milton Preparatory Friends Meeting in Conway Massachusetts. They announced their intent to marry on 8th month, 20, 1814 and were married 12th month, 11, 1814 with a certificate of removal to Galway Friends Meeting in Saratoga.

Nathaniel Pearsall: Searingtown and Oyster Bay Long Island and Clinton Township, Duchess County. Married Sarah Todd Dec. 17, 1735 at St. George's Church, Hempstead , Long Island . He was the son of George Pearsall.

George Pearsall: No dates. Lived at Herricks, Hempstead on an estate on Watermelon Hill. He was the father of four children. He was the son of George Pearsall.

George Pearsall:, son of Henry Pearsall, is buried in the graveyard on the farm where he lived, and all his people for several generations lie there beside him. The few gravestones there some years ago had been removed to the yard of the Searingtown M.E. Church. The farm recently became the grounds of a mansion on the edge of the hills overlookiong the plains, the owner whereof has planted the old graveyard with a clump of evergreens so that the dead may not be disturbed. (Pearsalls, v. 3 p.1201)

Speculation on the absence of records for the Pearsall family at this time as to wills, registry of birth, weddings and deaths is that their association with Quakers led them to avoid this worldly practice. It is probable that record was kept somewhere among Friends and is yet to be discovered.

Henry Pearsall of Hempstead, Long Island, New York

Resided at Pearsall (Lynbrook), Hellgate Neck, and Hempstead, Long Island, New Netherlands. He married Ann Valentine, widow of Moyles Williams. The Valentines were Dutch-English traders associated with the Pearsalls in Virginia in Isle of Wight County where they were also closely related by marriage with the Marshall family, so much so that it is generally accepted that from the marriage of a Valentine and a Marshall descended John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States and Thomas Marshall, Vice President of the United States. He was one of the founders of Hempstead, Long Island and was engaged in the family tobacco trade. He was the son of Thomas Pearsall.

Thomas Pearsall

He was born in England and died in Virginia 1642-3. He married Mary Brent, daughter of William Brent of Gloucestershire and London, England. Mary Brent was the sister of Margaret, Foulk and Giles Brent. The wife of Samuel Pearsall, (son of Thomas ) also named Mary and was sister to Margaret Peshall-Brent of Sisters Freehold. Thomas Pearsall was the son of Edmond Pearsall and Maria Bathurst.

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