More Family Pictures

John Philip "Fritz" Shay Sr and Mary Matilda "Nellie" Gray Shay, taken at John and Nellies's house in Ferndale, Maryland.

Joe Grochowski Jr, Joe Grochowski Sr, baby Franklin Gray (son of Walter T "Buck" Gray Jr), Charlotte "Lottie" Gray Grochowski, and their daughter Anna Grochowski (early 1930's).

Franklin Gray (son of Walter T "Buck" Gray Jr), Bernard Paul Shay Sr. (son of Mary Matilda "Nellie" Gray Shay and John Philip Shay Sr.), and (Top) Anna Grochowski at John and Nellie's house in Ferndale, Maryland (about 1931-1932).

Edward Rudolph Gray (likely) and Raymond Gray, at Walter Gray's house in Baltimore, Maryland (May 17, 1933).

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