Windows Timing Machine
Version 2 now available

WTM - A PC based Clock Timing Machine

The Windows Timing Machine is designed to use your PC as a low cost clock timing machine. It uses your system's Soundblaster compatible sound card to record ticks and then graphically displays and analyzes them to calculate the movement's rate and how well in-beat it is adjusted.

This Version 2 release is a significant upgrade to the earlier version and incorporates the most requested enhancements from users. New features include:

  • Now includes pendulum length calculations.
  • You can enter the desired beat setting in beats per hour, minute, or second and the program will calculate the required pendulum length in inches and centimeters and also tell you how much longer or shorter you need to adjust the pendulum to bring it to time.
  • Now displays beat setting as both a percentage and milliseconds difference.
  • Time saving convenience feature built-in where default command buttons automatically change based on your last command so for the most often used operations, all you need to do is repeatedly press the return key.

    Take a look at a screen shot of the Windows Timing Machine to see the screen layout.

    To view the full documentation for WTM, click here.

    The Windows Timing Machine runs on PC compatibles running Windows 3.X, Windows for Workgroups or Windows 95 and requires a Soundblaster compatible sound board. The demo is fully functional except that it is uncalibrated. The registered version is identical to the demo except it can be calibrated to your specific sound card to provide accurate timing results.

    Download the entire package

    Click here to download a trial demo. This will download the file wtm207.exe to your system which is a self extracting archive. Place it in a temporary directory, execute it by typing its name - wtm207, then run the setup.exe file to install it. Important note: If you have ever installed any previous version of wtm, you must either: 1) delete the old version (as described in the doc file) or 2) install into a new directory with a different name (such as c:\wtm2).

    Register your downloaded copy of wtm

    You may register your downloaded copy by sending your email address and (US) $30 to the address below. By return email, you will receive your registration key file which will personalize your downloaded copy and unlock the calibration mode so you can calibrate to your sound card for accurate timing results. Click the PayPal button below or send check or money order to:

    Greg Saville
    33950 SW Bald Peak Road
    Hillsboro, OR 97123

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