Curta Calculating Machines

Curta Calculators

Curta calculating machines are a marvel of mechanical engineering. Designed by Curt Herzstark of Austria, they were manufactured from 1948 through 1970 and continued to be sold until about 1972 when the new electronic pocket calculators came on the market and the Curta could no longer compete. Two models were made, the smaller Model I (pictured above left) provided 11 digit results while the larger Model II (above right) featured 15 digit results.

If you'd like to take a look at what's inside these incredible machines, look over my shoulder while I partially disassemble a Curta Model I.

  • Disassembling a Curta Calculator - What's inside? - by Greg Saville

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    A collection of Curta Calculating Machines

    Here's a collection of four Curta calculators: two Model I's - one with the older variety metal container, one with the newer plastic container, and two Model II's - again, one with the older (and well worn) metal container and the other with a plastic container.