Muddy Waters Kennel
'D' Litter - 2015
Large Munsterlander Club of Canada (LMAC)
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Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF)
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc (NAVHDA)
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'C' Litter - 2010
'B' Litter - 2008
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Being the first Large Munsterlander kennel in Oregon 20 years ago, We are bird hunters who hunt upland and waterfowl with Large Munsterlanders.  We ONLY breed 'upper level' Hunt Tested Large Munsterlanders.  Because we only select finished guns dogs to breed, our litters are only available every few years. We are affiliated with the Large Munsterlander Association of Canada (LMAC) and register our dogs with LMAC. We follow the LMAC requirements to register a litter which include Upper Level Hunt Testing, Conformation Test, HIPS/Elbow X-ray test, Hunting and a Temperment evaluation.
Bred to hunt, our dogs are sold to qualified Bird Hunting Homes only.
For 2017 we will be running dogs in Versatile Hunting Dog Federation Tests (VHDF) for Performance Evaluation (PE) and Advanced Aptitude Hunting (AHAE) tests!

The Large Munsterlander
The 'LM' is a continental versatile hunting dog.  A German decendent of the Longhaired Pointer,  the breed gained recognition in the early 1900's.  With medium length coat and webbed feet, they are great pointers, retrievers and swimmers.  They are a gentle dog with energy and prefer living in the master's dwelling.
Snowy Oak's Queen
NAVHDA Utility Prize II 195/204

Muddy Waters Athena
NAVHDA Utility Prize 192/204

Muddy Waters Athena (Buffy)
VHDF Performance Evaluation Test - 162

Hunting, just like life, can be an uncertain journey.  We hope that every hunting trip is filled with limits of birds and sunny skies, but that is not always the case.  You learn to treasure and appreciate those days where bags full of game are falling from those sunny skies, especially when the week before your dog returned with a beard full of porcupine quills and the only thing falling from the sky was rain.  But it's all worth it.  Even those rough days have moments of why we go hunting; The adventure, the action, the grand landscapes, and the time spent with good friends.

Cedar Ridge's Ackley (Hooch)
NAVHDA Utility Prize II

Rick and Hooch - Early morning duck hunt

Muddy Waters Bayou & Muddy Waters Athena


We have found a truly great partner to help us enjoy our adventures and that is the Large Munsterlander Pointer.  Since 1995, the Large Munsterlander (LM's) that we have had the priviledge to hunt with and own have proven to be superior hunting dogs on both land and water.  The LM may come in an attractive coat, but dont let that fool you about the tough dog under the coat.  When the chips were down, conditions almost unbearable and birds scarce, our LM's have proven how tough and successful a dog can be.

We named our kennel MUDDY WATERS to reflect how we feel about this wonderful breed.  Sometimes your hunting journey can be filled with porcupine quills, soggy skies and muddy water, but a LM will still have a good day!

For more information contact:
Rick and Sheri Hallwyler
Oregon City, Oregon
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