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'B' Litter - 2008
'D' Litter - 2015
Large Munsterlander Club of Canada (LMAC)
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Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF)
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'B' Litter - 2008
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Litter Hunt Test Results:
Muddy Water's Borealis: VHDF Hunting Aptitude Test 69/70 (Pass), NAVHDA Natural Ability 106/112 (Prize I)
Muddy Waters Buteo: VHDF Hunting Aptitude Test 66/70 (Pass), AHAE 172/180 (Pass)
Muddy Waters Bayou: VHDF Hunting Aptitude Test 60/70 (Pass), NAVHDA Natural Ability 87/112 (Prize III)
Muddy Waters Baltic: NAVHDA Natural Ability 90/112 (Prize III)
Muddy Waters Blackbird: NAVHDA Natural Ability 112/112 (Prize I)
Muddy Waters Bootlegger: VHDF Hunting Aptitude Test 73/70 (Pass - dog scored above standard 70 points for exceptional performance)
Muddy Waters Boondock: NAVHDA Natural Ability 112/112 (Prize I)

At the tender age of 17 months, Joe Schmutz ran his Muddy Waters Buteo in The VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude Test for a Score of 172/180.  Wow!

We are planning a litter in 2008 with our female, Muddy Waters Athena "Buffy".  Buffy is a NAVHDA Utility Prized finished gun dog with a score of 192/204.  She passed this test at age 3.  For fun, we have tested her other times and she performs consistent every time.  These tests help substantiate the hunting abilities and skills of each dog.  For details of each test see the links on the left side of the page.
When hunting with Buffy from an early age, she was a pleasure.  She has a natural quartering search pattern, intense point and good retrieve.  She uses her instincts and brains to produce game.  She is relaxing to hunt with because we can trust she will handle the birds properly.  Buffy comes from a 'Progeny Performance Award" Litter and both parents were NAVHDA Utility tested and prized.
We have chosen Sunnynook's Macaw as the sire.  Sunnynook's Macaw "Mac" is a cooperative 'smart' hunting dog with a pleasant temperment.  He has a great nose, often pointing game at a good distance.  He has been tested in the difficult NAVHDA Utility Test and passed with a score of 189/204. Both Mac's parents were NAVHDA Utility prized dogs and Mac's first/previous litter he sired earned a 'Progeny Performance Award".  We had the pleasure of hunting with him for several days and felt he would compliment Buffy well.
We ask that each owner test their puppy in a natual ability evaluation hunt test.  Along with reports from the hunter, this test provides an independent evaluation that helps judge the breeding quality of each parent. We upper level test the parents so you have an independent rating on the sire and dam, along with our assessments.
Puppies were welped on May 13, 2008.  All have been placed. 

Sleeping puppies!

Muddy Waters Athena (Buffy)
NAVHDA Utility Prize 192/204, Natural Ability Prized 104/112



Sunnynook's Macaw
Navhda Utility Prized 189/204, Natural Ability prize 112/112