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Michael Roland Shaw Moore

January 9, 1941 - February 20, 2009
Husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather,
friend, teacher, musician, herbalist.

[Purple Bullet] Currently Available Classes: [Purple Bullet]

[Purple Bullet]The Columbines School of Botanical Studies' Complete 2009 Academic Calendar lists all the classes we offer.

[Purple Bullet] The Columbines School of Botanical Studies' 25th annual 2009 Herbal Apprenticeship Program, our six month intensive. Our 2008 Apprenticeship Field Program is already full, and we are accepting interviews for the 2009 Field Program. Click here for an Apprenticeship Interview Request Form.

[Purple Bullet] Plant Lists of the Pacific Northwest: These plant lists, field trip highlights, and lecture topics were generated by the Columbines School of Botanical Studies 2008 Apprenticeship Program in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and the surrounding areas. New material will be added regularly. Read and enjoy as the season unfolds. New (5/8/08)

Purple BulletOn July 25 - 26, 2009, you'll find me leading plant walks at the NW Herbfest in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. Dr. Sharol Tilgner's excellent herb conference lets you meet the teachers and hear them speak at an affordable price. Hope to see you there!

Purple Bullet I will not be teaching physiology and wildcrafting ethics this year at the South West School of Botanical Medicine because it has closed its Residency Program. Check out Michael Moore's Distance Learning Program which includes my Physiology Class as it is taught at that school.

[Flower Bullet] Wildcrafting Links [Flower Bullet]

Wildcrafting is stewardship. This means we need to take care of the land and our plant populations. We need to harvest in a way that insures the health of the stand for our children. You should be able to return to this stand year after year. It will teach you many secrets about ecology and population dynamics. It is not a one night stand.

[Purple Bullet] Wildcrafting for Beginners: This article was written in the spring of 1995 for a local free magazine on healing arts called Healing Currents. I've made slight modifications and a few links to other pages, but all in all you will have to imagine yourself spending an endless winter under the constant grey clouds and wet drizzle of the Pacific Northwest in the USA. Finally the long, slow, green spring that makes all the rain worthwhile arrives. New (link fixed 3/08)

[Purple Bullet] Wildcrafting Ethics and thoughts about rare, threatened and endangered plants.

[Purple Bullet] Plant Lists of the Pacific Northwest: These plant lists, field trip highlights, and lecture topics were generated by the Columbines School of Botanical Studies 2008 Apprenticeship Program in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and the surrounding areas. New material will be added regularly. Read and enjoy as the season unfolds. New (5/8/08)

[Purple Bullet] Andrew Pengelly's been out in the field with some students from Sydney. They've prepared a preliminary plant list from the Kayuga Field School Weekend in the Hunter Valley of Eastern Australia.

[Purple Bullet] What plants are federally protected in the United States? Check the Endangered Species Homepage at the US Fish and Wildlife server for the complete federal listings.

[Purple Bullet] Close to home, your own state may have locally protected plants. When traveling around and harvesting, you may not realize that the Lomatium you see only grows in a thirty mile circle around you. Better browse through the Natural Heritage Program for the local listings.

[Purple Bullet] Want to harvest some Queen Anne's Lace? Check out the differences between Daucus carota and Poison Hemlock, Conium maculatum , in a warning about harvesting umbelliferaes.

[Purple Bullet] A Wild Winter: Some thoughts about the floods of the winter of 1995/96, and its impact on low elevation creeks.

[Purple Bullet] Another Wild Winter: More thoughts about flooding, from the floods of the winter of 1996/97, and its impact on seed dispersal.

[Flower Bullet] Herbal Information [Flower Bullet]

[Purple Bullet] No, it isn't Osha, but a close relative with similar uses, and it's discussed in detail on the Ligusticum grayi Page. This page has been reformatted, all the links fixed, and new picture links added. This was the article of the month for over a year on Herbal Hall, and is still one of my favorite pages. Don't miss the fun, check it out!

[Purple Bullet] Research results from field studies on a rare Pacific Northwest Mugwort, Artemisia ludoviciana ssp. estesii, that raises both evolutionary and conservation issues. This article was published in the 1996 issue of the Kalmiopsis , the Journal of the Native Plant Society of Oregon.

[Purple Bullet] If you are concerned about Hypericum toxicity, check out the unabridged version of St. John's Wort and Phototoxicity from the Herb List.

[Purple Bullet] Read some ethnocentric class notes for Arnica mollis.

[Purple Bullet] The large and informative Medicinal Herb FAQ is a collection of some of the best information from cyberspace's herbal mailing lists and newsgroups. Maintained by cyberspace's Herbal Archivist, Henriette Kress.

[Purple Bullet] I thought you wanted to learn more about Mugwort, Artemisia douglasiana , or was I just dreaming? You can even compare this with Christopher Hedley's notes on Artemisia.

[Purple Bullet] Is the new Bio-energized Manchurian Enzymated Blue Green Algae suspended in a base of Tea Tree Essiac solution what you need this season? Or just some Violet syrup? Perhaps the post on Bioregionalism and Fad Herbs will help to enlighten you. New material as published in the 1996 Summer Solstice issue of Talking Leaves .

[Purple Bullet] A Cough Syrup recipe from deep in the dusty throat of this wandering wildcrafter. Saved from obscurity in the herb list archives by none other than Henriette.

[Purple Bullet] Bacterial Infections Berberis Has Known and Loved.

[Purple Bullet] Concerned about the fire in your mouth? Here's a short one on herbs for toothaches .

[Purple Bullet] Can't Get You Out of my Head, originally published in Healing Currents, is about dissolving partnerships, otherwise known as breaking-up with your sweetie.

[Purple Bullet] If you cut your finger installing that new modem, perhaps Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, will interest you.

[Flower Bullet] Botanical Information [Flower Bullet]

[Purple Bullet] The Flora of North America North of Mexico is online! It's only partially completed, so you may not find what you're looking for. However, if you do, you may be furnished with taxonomic keys, pictures, descriptions, and maps, all in the "new" accepted latin names. Use the search page.

[Purple Bullet] WWW Sites of Interest to Botanists has all the botany and herbal links. Ideal bookmark material. One of my favorite botanical pages from this site is What is New in Botany.

[Purple Bullet] One of my favorite plants now has its own homepage, The Pedicularis Homepage. This site primarily contains pictures of our irregular friends.

[Purple Bullet] Skullcap is on the web at The Scutellaria Group Homepage. This is an excellent quality site that contains pictures, descriptions, germination procedures, seed exchange, and links to further botanical and medicinal information.

[Flower Bullet] Other Quality Herbal Links [Flower Bullet]

Rather than fill the page with a zillion links, I've listed a few useful ones. These will take you everywhere. Wait, this section is growing. Who knows, perhaps it will become a zillion links.

[Purple Bullet] Algy's Herbal Page will connect you to medicinal, culinary, commercial, and garden herbal links. A large site of links.

[Purple Bullet] The American Herbalists Guild Homepage.

[Purple Bullet] Michael Tierra's Planet Herbs Homepage is on the web. This site is filling with original Michael material.

[Purple Bullet] Herbnet has a large list of herb related schools and courses, and other interesting information.

[Purple Bullet] It's the one and only original Herbal Hall.

[Purple Bullet] Herb Research News is another herbal link worth looking at.

[Purple Bullet] Henriette Kress's Home Page Herbal fun from the keeper of the medicinal and culinary FAQ's.

[Purple Bullet] Paul Bergner's Medical Herbalism Homepage contains issues of the USA's own journal for clinical herbalism. Together with the links page which includes links to online journals and databases, Paul has put together one top-notch site.

[Purple Bullet] Robyn Klein has her information on the web. Check out her list at Robyn's Recommended Reading.

[Purple Bullet] SW School of Botanical Medicine/Michael Moore Home Page contains current class information, a library of medicinal herb downloads, and a mega-archive of medicinal plant pictures. This is one of the best herbal sites on the internet.

[Purple Bullet] Sunsite Archives an extensive alternative medicine library.

[Holly Bullet] Search the Plant Databases

Don't be embarrassed by asking easily answered stupid questions on your herbal forum. Just search the databases, and impress friends at parties with your herbal knowledge.

[Purple Bullet] American Indian Ethnobotany Database

[Purple Bullet] Rhizome? Corm? Tried to scape but couldn't leaf because you were naked below? Look in the Botanical Glossaries from the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research and the Australia National Botanic Gardens.

[Purple Bullet] Free medline access on the net from the National Library of Medicine. Find out what happens when you place one isolated chemical from your favorite herb in a petri dish with microsomal liver tissue from mice!

[Purple Bullet] Can't figure out that herbal, medical, or anatomical term? Search Michael Moore's Medical/Herbal Glossary from his home page.

[Purple Bullet] Grieve's Modern Herbal is now available on the net. You can even search these volumes for a specific herb or action.

[Purple Bullet] Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

[Purple Bullet] Michael Moore's Teaching Manuals: Before you write me asking where to find information on Oplopanax or some other herb on the net, try here first. Much of this information is for the learned who understand multisyllabic medical words ending in -itis.

[Holly Bullet] So YOU'RE an Herbalist?

Here in the United States of America, the legality of practicing herbalism is a poorly defined grey area. Protect yourself, or at least entertain yourself, with the following links.

Purple Star Bullet Herbalists Charter of Henry the VIII. Under the General Laws of the Colonies taken over by the U.S.A., these rights are still in force in the original thirteen states, and have never been repealed.

Purple Star Bullet Herbalist's Code of Ethics from the American Herbalists Guild. New (3/08)

Purple Star Bullet Checklist for protecting your rights as an herbalist from the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute.

Purple Star Bullet Defending your rights as an herbalist from the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute.

[Holly Bullet] Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

Why re-invent the wheel to list the herbal newsgroups when Henriette has done it so well already? Check these out from the Medicinal Herb FAQ:

Purple Star Bullet Mailing Lists

Purple Star Bullet Newsgroups

This site is permanently under construction. If you have any comments, suggestions, and especially if you notice spelling errors or broken links write to me, Howie Brounstein. Last updated January, 2009.

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