These are the voyages

of our RV-4

It's continuing mission:

To explore new worlds,

To seek out new life and new civilization.

To boldly go where few will venture with ONE engine !

YEAH BABY  ! ! !

This is one of a couple of dozen shots taken during a photo shoot while flying through the British Virgin Islands

These are the stories that followed our trip to Angel Falls Venezuela in the fall of 2000.
Yes, I know this has been a long time coming.  I work too much like most of you.
We hope you enjoy the stories and If this inspires you to venture out into the wild blue
you might see a little yellow plane wondering around out there too.
Mike & Diana

Van's Air Force - World Wide Wing
Some of our experiences would not have happened if it weren't for Doug Reeves' World Wide Wing Web Page, one of the best sources on the net for RV-info.  Doug covered the reports of our adventure and that led to us meeting new friends in the British Virgin Islands, not to mention a spectacular picture taking formation flight along the island chain


The following stories were published in some of the 2001 newsletters of the Van's Airforce Home Wing

 Fandango in a RV-4, Part 1

 Fandango in a RV-4, Part 2

Fandango in a RV-4, Part 3

Fandango in a RV-4, Part 4


    These are some of the shots we took whil out and about.

Angel Falls Picture  (12/29/00) Angel Falls from above
            Best shot I had from above with the wingtip in it.  The clouds split the falls and you can see the river running at the bottom.  Next time we do some
            formation shots so I can get the whole plane against the falls!

Sapo Falls Picture  (12/29/00)  Sapo Falls from the trail
            The trail goes under the falls and out the other side.  We got rather wet on this hike.

Trip Statistics page (12/29/00)  Distances, fuel, paperwork ,time, and repairs. Caribbean Trip Statistics