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Bridgetown Copier has been servicing office equipment in the Portland Metro Area since 1992.  We are a local service company that sells both new & rebuilt copiers at unbeatable prices.  Unlike factory dealerships that use service to support their sales, we on the other hand use sales to support our service. In other words, we will try to keep your old equipment running as long as we can. But when the time comes that it’s just not cost effective to keep your old equipment running, we’ll talk about getting you into another machine at that time.


Without a doubt the most FAQ we hear is “what is the difference between a new copier & a rebuilt copier.”  Answer:) Every manufacturer of office equipment has both good and not so good equipment. That being said, when you buy a new machine, despite what the brochure or the salesman say’s nobody knows how well it is going to run for you, or what kind of problems might come up.  Also, most new copiers with print, scan, fax, auto doc. feeder, duplex in B&W range in price from upwards of $6,000.00 to $15,000.00. Once a new copier has been in the office place for at least 2 yrs. it becomes obvious what kind of problems it has had.  Whenever a manufacturer has to remake a part for a new copier, be it a bearing, gear, roller or even a circuit board they send out what’s called a TSB (technical service bulletin) on that particular part. Some models have 2-10 TSB’s and some have up to 40 or more. Since we have to service what we sell it only makes sense that we sell those models that are tried and true.

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All of our rebuilt & refurb copiers are completely disassembled down to the frame and thoroughly cleaned and inspected.  Any belts, bearings, bushings, gears etc. that show signs of wear are replaced with new ones. All components such as fuser units, drum units etc. are either rebuilt with all new parts or replaced with a new unit. All feed rollers are replaced new. All covers are inspected for cracks and breakage. When we are done reassembling the final product it is put through a 115 point inspection and ran through it paces.

A REFURBISHED copier is one that might have had the Drum, Fuse Rollers, etc. recently installed and is in good working order. These machines cost us less in parts and\or supplies and the savings are passed on to you. We want to make a living not a killing. 

We offer a full coverage 6 month warranty that includes black toner.


The copiers that we service are: GESTETNER, KYOCERA, LANIER, RICOH, SAVIN, SHARP. We also service most HP laser printers.


Our current service rate is $95.00 @ hr. for the first hr. Then it is broken down into 15 min. intervals. $40.00 charge on QSC ( Quick Service Calls ) This is when we have to come out but is a small problem and is quickly fixed in a few minutes.

NO CHARGE for travel\mileage. 

Free estimates on repairs


Let me give you an idea of what our copiers that we sell price out at.


1)  Ricoh MP-3500  2008 Model  ( B&W  35PPM W\ Copy, Print, Scan ) w\ ADF, Duplex, 2-Drawers, Bridge, 2-tray 1K staple Finisher.   NEW - $13,000.00    REBUILD - $4,200.00


2) Ricoh MP-C 4500 2008 Model  ( Full Color  45PPM W\ Copy, Print, Scan ) w\ ADF, Duplex, 2- Drawer, Bridge, 2-Tray 1-K staple Finisher. NEW - $14,000.00 REFURBISHED - $3,200.00


It is our most sincere hope that we can become your new service & supply company. Just remember “It doesn’t have to be expensive to get it done right”



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