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We are a family owned business. Since 1992 we’ve been serving small businesses in the Portland and Vancouver metro area. Along with competitive pricing, we don’t charge for estimates, mileage, gas or other hidden costs. Not  only do we offer high quality service which covers a number of area’s, we are also big believers in that something doesn’t have to be expensive to be done right.

When you buy a Bridgetown Copier machine, you get the highest of quality machine available. We’ll meet or beat anyone’s pricing on rebuilt copiers out there. We take pride in our re-built copiers with a 115 point check. This is a check-sheet with 115 points of criteria that need to be met. Each machine must be able to pass inspection and run over 500 sparkling clean copies. We want our customers to get a well oiled, high quality machine that is comparable to a machine you might purchase at any office machine store off the shelf. This means we strip the machine down to the frame, which includes not only cleaning but to inspect and replace any part that is not up to factory specifications. Our machines will be fitted with new drums, new drum blades, charge rollers, cleaning rollers, upper and lower fuse rollers, all new feed rollers, and we offer on rebuilt copiers a one year warranty to cover all parts and labor, and includes black toner. We offer extended warranties which is parts and labor which doesn’t cover any supplies or supply items, such as toner, developer, drums and fuse rollers. We offer maintenance agreements which cover everything except paper, starting at a penny per copy and up to 2 cents per copy for black and white copiers, and anywhere from 7 to 12 cents for color copies.

For new or rebuilt copiers give Sandy or Kevin a call for a complete list of sales, services and supplies, and to have any questions answered.

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