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Linda Engstrom, APLD
GARDEN AESTHETICS is a landscape design business located in the Pacific Northwest that emphasizes regionalism....creating gardens with a 'sense of place'. My philosophy is that every landscape in our vast country is uniqueand it is important to first 'read the landscape' and learn from it when we create gardens.Our gardens should reflect both the region we live in and our own individual personalities, with the realization that the gardens themselves can be both theraputic and healing in nature.

I have recently started a mentoring program with graduates of the Landscape Technology two year design program at Portland Community College where I teach. I will be working with two or three 'Associates' in a mentoring capacity with the aim of providing well-thought out and personal designs that will be an enriching experience for everyone involved!


I grew up on the East coast where I earned a design degree from CORNELL UNIVERSITY and worked eight years as a room designer for Armstrong World Industries. In 1973 I moved to OREGON with my husband and two sons and received a degree in Landscape Design. In 1984 we established CLOUDREST VINEYARDS on 12 acres of hillside property outside of Portland. Since 1984 I have traveled and photographed gardens in England, France, Japan, Italy, Germany, and even Siberia! I have studied under the English landscape designer, John Brookes, and am a certified board member of the ASSOCIATION of PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS. In addition to offering designs and consultations, I also teach in the Landscape Technology Program at PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE, and offer workshops in botanical illustration. In 1995 I collaborated with Al Rogers on a book, PEONIES, published byTIMBER PRESS.


My fees:

  • CONSULTATION ONLY...$80.00 hr (average 1-1 1/2 hrs)
  • FULL LANDSCAPE DESIGN... $1000.00-$1500.00 (average) This is the best option if you live within site-visit distance of Portland, Oregon. Includes planting plan (drafted to scale), conceptual structure detailing, perspective sketches, plant material list, and plant reports such as bloom period, color of bloom. Maintenance schedule is extra.
  • SNAIL-MAIL CONCEPTUAL... $800.00 (minimum) You send photos and information concerning your site and receive a conceptual plan sketch, and suggestions for plants and execution. More work for you, but less expensive!
  • PER HOUR RATE....$75.00 (includes supervision)
  • SLIDE-LECTURES...$250.00 plus travel expenses. I am available to groups for 1-2 hour lectures on the following topics: French Gardens, English Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Gardens of Siberia!, Perennial Favorites, Design Process, Web Design .
  • WEB DESIGN....$60.00/hr and up. I specialize in green industry and horticultural sites. Have large slide library!
  • Sedums glow in a late season composition


    Garden-making concerns the relationship of the human being to his natural surroundings and an awareness of the interplay between objects occupying outdoor space. When we 'landscape' we attempt to make the best use of the space available by shaping the land to reflect the natural qualities of the site and selecting plant material that is a reflection of the region. A landscape becomes a garden when it becomes an extension of the owner, both functionally, aesthetically,and emotionally.


    As a landscape designer, I provide a wide range of services - ranging from a one hour consultation on the site to a design package of five or more plans and sketches. A complete design can take a month, or several, depending on the scope of the project. The DESIGN PROCESS is done in several stages, taking into consideration your needs and desires, the characteristics of the site, the climate, and the principles of good design. After the initial site analysis diagram is drawn up, the first stage will be the CONCEPTUAL LAYOUT of the property, showing traffic patterns and family activities, weather patterns, orientation of the house to the site, and roughed out shapes of the planting elements...basically a study of relationships. The FINAL PLANTING PLAN will show locations of specific plants, hardscaping elements such as decks and patios, and a complete plant listing and spec sheet.

    Please feel free to read the CLIENT-SITE ANALYSIS that I ask my clients to fill out. If you are interested in a design I will require that you fill this out and send it to me, along with a Proposal / Contract that I will send to you.


    Tour our 'special place' in Oregon - the GENIUS LOCI that helped create, and continually inspires, my garden style.

    I will periodically include segments of lectures that I give to my students. DESIGN PRINCIPLES IN GARDEN-MAKING is a topic covered in my Plant Composition class, and illustrates the close ties that exist between artist and gardener.

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    If you are interested in having a more dynamic garden space that truly reflects your personality please feel free to contact me by Email, snailmail or phone!

    The shady areas of my garden are featured in the Early Spring 1999 issue of GARDEN SHED MAGAZINE, pgs 102-107...have a look!

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