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Part I, The Golden Dream

Part II, The Holmes Manuscript

Part I, The Golden Dream:

This book explores the history and the legend to assess fact from fiction. It includes an analysis of ore from The Lost Dutchman Mine, lost/ignored histories of Arizona, interviews with the Peralta family, pioneer biographies and photographs. Locations are cross referenced to the Hikers Guide to the the Superstition Wilderness.

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A very handsome book which ranks Glover at the top of the list along with Kollenborn and Blair. You have to read this one if you want to know where Lost Dutchman/ Jacob Waltz research stands today. ...Glover also presents new maps, points to physical clues in the Superstitions, and hints at some of the information that has until now been the exclusive property of eccentric "Dutch hunters."

Doug Stewart, Web Master
Tale of the Lost Dutchman
Bibliography, Notes and Chronology

I have just finished reading your book, "The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz" and I must say I could not put it down! I am not an avid book reader, but your topic and the manner in which you presented it were both compelling and transfixing.

Once again thank you for writing such an enlightening book on an extremely interesting subject.

Larry S.
Phoenix, AZ

Being a native of Phoenix I have been exposed to many book on this subject and this is by far the best. Mr. Glover has truly "done his homework." Most dutchman books simply offer a collection of facts with very little analysis. Mr. Glover offers in depth study with a personal feel. His analyses are well thought out and even offer some new information. This should be the cornerstone in the library of any true dutch hunter. It is also sure to get the blood flowing of even the most skeptical person.

Chet Ragsdale
Avondale, AZ USA

Hello. I just finished reading you book on the Lost Dutchman Mine. I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. It is one of the most interesting and informative books on the subject I have read.

Steve C.
Jefferson City, MO

I have been interested in the Lost Dutchman for years (and have spent days looking at satellite imagery for vegetation anomalies caused by differing kinds of mineralization) and this and its companion volume are the best two books I have read on the subject.

As an engineer, I appreciate the skeptical, scientific approach taken by the author. Hypothesis are established and tested and the author is honest enough to disclose which ones he can support with data and which ones he can't. His section on ore analysis is worth the price of the book by itself. This book, its companion volume, and the book of hiking trails it references are the best books for a serious student or hunter of the Lost Dutchman mine. Make sure and get Part 2, about Dick and Brownie Holmes.

M. Graham
Cool, CA USA

The work you have done with  the SEM is the most brilliant piece of deductive forensic analysis I have seen in connection with this whole crazy story. Thank you for clarifying many things that were seemingly  disconnected. I have read several of the other books on the mine, many  seemed to be biased.

Thank you for writing it.

Tom O.
Mesa, AZ

Part II, The Holmes Manuscript:

This manuscript was written by George "Brownie" Holmes the son of Dick Holmes. Dick Holmes knew Jacob Waltz and once tried to follow him to his mine. It was Dick Holmes and Gideon Roberts who were with Waltz when he died and heard his death bed confession. The original manuscript is annotated with subsequent research and interviews.

Readers comments include:

Here it is, the full Holmes manuscript with Glover's annotations, index, and many fascinating photographs. The importance of this document for the Lost Dutchman tale cannot be overemphasized. Aside from the unpublished Bark notes, this is really the only Lost Dutchman account that faithfully traces its origins back to someone who knew Waltz.

Doug Stewart, Web Master
Tale of the Lost Dutchman
Bibliography, Notes and Chronology

Dr. Glover: Thanks very much for the information on Volume 2, The Holmes Manuscript. ...You asked what part of the first volume I liked the best.... being a scientist myself, I was most impressed with the EDS analysis of the various gold ore samples. To me, this is the best objective evidence for there being something to the whole story, rather than just a bunch of yarns.

Guy G., PhD
Oak Ridge National Laboratories




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