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There os one active forum devoted primarily to the Lost Dutchman Mine and its history: The Lost Dutchman Gold

There are several other web sites with Forums that also include discussions on the Lost Dutchman Mine

The other very active forum, it contains nine separate forums: LDM Discussions; LDM Discussions Moderated by Jesse, Ron, and Josh Feldman; LDM Discussions Moderated by Joe Ribaudo; Superstition Mountain Journal; LDM Boxing and Wrestling; Non LDM Lost Treasure, Mines, Old West, etc; Around the Campfire; First Amendment Forum; and General Info and Help.

In addition this site includes separate sections on: Lost Dutchman Mine Maps (JPEG images of the plethora of such maps); Member's Photo Gallery (where members (free membership) can post pictures); Lost Dutchman Mine Books and a Hayden biography of Jacob Waltz.

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Additional Forums:

Other web sites that have forum which regularly include sections or threads on the Lost Dutchman include:

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