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Ghost Towns

As many persons interested in the mining lore and history often have concomitant interests in old mining towns and ghost towns the following is provided as a cursory introduction to sites than may be of interest or assistance.

Goldfield Ghost Town: Built on the original mill site of Goldfield, Arizona the present facility offers a multitude of attractions, from a mine tour to livery stables, to Arizona's only narrow gauge railroad, to food, shops , a museum and daily gun fights. Located just four miles north of Apache Junction on the Apache Trail (Highway 88).
Ghost One of the more comprehensive sites devoted to ghost towns. It covers both the States and Canada. You can search via interactive maps or drop-down menus by state or province. Picture(s), history of the town, access information (2 WD or 4 WD), and it includes a forum. Draw back: Annoying banjo music on home page.
GhostTownGallery: This site is devoted primarily to photographs of ghost towns. Each picture has a caption either about that specific picture or providing information about the particular ghost town. This site also has an interactive map of locations. Plus there is a listing by state of the ghost towns photographed. It covers the western states from Montana to New Mexico to Washington.
Legends of America: This site is not only covers ghost towns, but several other topics. The ghost town section provides essays on the history of the sites with a few pictures. Other topics include: American history, ghostly legends, Amerindians, Route 66, treasure tales, links to forums, photo galleries of historic phonographs, the old west and a Legends Blog.

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Ghost Towns

Photo Gallery

Calico ghost town, California