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Introduction to the Legend and History of
The Lost Dutchman Mine and its People

The Legend

The year is 1891 and an old man named Jacob Waltz lies sick on a home made bed in the back room of a store in Phoenix. Waltz is believed to have a source of rich gold ore, a secret source. For the last 20 years people have talked about him occasionally paying for goods with gold ore. It was said that every winter he left Phoenix for weeks at a time heading east towards the Superstition Mountains.

On his return trip his burrows are loaded with something. He keeps his house locked and a shotgun close by the door. Now on his death bed he begins to tell the story of his gold. [to continue click here]

The History:

Was Jacob Waltz a real person? Was he a miner? Did he have gold ore when he died? Or is the legend just that--a good story?

Jacob Waltz was a real person who left many footprints in the historical record. From that record we can verify he was a miner in both California and Arizona, he filed three mining claims in the Bradshaw Mts. of Arizona, he was a Indian fighter and later a homesteader. Contemporaries of his reported that he did, indeed, leave Phoenix in the winter months and head east toward the Superstition Mountains. There is good evidence that he did die with a large quantity of gold ore (about $5,000 worth in 1891 dollars, over $111,000 in today's dollars). (to continue: click here)





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