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Photo Gallery

The Photographs below are of some of the individuals associated with the history of the Lost Dutchman and Arizona history, and landmarks and items associated with the legend. Photographs are arranged alphabetically by first name.

AaronMason Abe Reid Abraham Peeples Adams Mill
Adolph Ruth Al Morrow Al Reser Aoache Kid
Barry Storm Marker Cactus Ben Edwards Board House
Bob Corbin Bob Crandall C M Clark
Cactus Topped Celest Jones Chuck Aylor Clay Worst
Dick Holmes Don Shade Ed Piper
Erwin Ruth George Holmes George Roberts
Gideon Roberts Glen Magill Herman Petrasch
Howard McCarthy Jsck Keenan Addison Reavis Jim Bark
John D. Mitchell John Spangler Julia Thomas Len Killen
Leroy Purnell Ludwig Rosecrans Milton Rose Monte Edwards
Oro Pedro Peralat Rhinehart Petrasch Richard Holmes
Robert Jacobs Simon Novinger Sims Ely Tex Barkley
Tom Burnett Tom Kollenborn Walter Gassler
Whoolie Bacon      





Ghost Towns

Photo Gallery

Chuck Aylor feeding Jacko