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Research Resources

The following ore a selection of on-line resources available for researching Arizona History and/or the Lost Dutchman Mine.

Hayden Files:

These are biographical files compiled by the late Senator hayden's office on selected Arizona pioneers. These files reside in several locations in Arizona; however, their accessibility otherwise was often difficult. Or, it was. The hayden Library at Arizona State University has now made the files accessible on-line. To access the portal to these files click here.

Hayden File for the Starrar Brothers (Andrew and Jacob):

Although the Hayden files reside in several locations, the Hayden Starrar file resides in only one, and is not part of the Hayden Library on-line collection. The Starrar Brothers file is available below.

Two points:

1. Missing page 7: The file has pages numbered 1 through 10. But, there is no page seven. It was missing from the original file. (If some one has a copy of page sever please let either myself or Greg Davis know. Thank you.)

2. The file structure: The files are in in PDF format, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it you can get it here. The whole file is rather large, over 4 megs which is really too large for dial-up connections, so the Starrar Hayden file is presented as nine single pages:

Starrar 1, Starrar 2, Starrar 3, Starrar 4, Starrar 5, Starrar 6, Starrar 8, Starrar 9, Starrar 10.

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Petitions to Governor Goodwin:

In the early 1860s Jacob Waltz is known to have been in the Bradshaw Mountains near Prescott, Arizona. Here he filed mining claims and signed two petitions to the governor of Arizona. The two petitions were from the miners in the Bradshaws requesting help in resisting the Indians. Waltz has been known as a signer of the second petition for many years. This petition was signed by over 100 men.

It was not publicly known that Waltz had signed an earlier petition, one signed by only 22 men, until I published Part I, The Golden Dream. The petition was rediscovered in the papers of Governor Goodwin at the Arizona State Archives in the mid-1990s. Presented here is that first petition in its entirety.

If you read it you will get a fascinating glimpse of the life Waltz and the other miners led, a true bit of the old west from those living it. This file is over 200 K and may take a minute, or so to download. On page four of the petition I have indicated Waltz's name with an "X". To view the petition click here.

Return to Top Arizona Biographies:'s web site for Arizona contains information submitted by members. There are sections on biographies (bios), cemeteries, directories, history, military, obituaries, photos and vitals (births, marriages, etc).

The information is by county.

If you wish to view the data statewide by county: click here.

If you wish to view all the data from all counties statewide: click here.

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Arizona Vital Records:

Arizona birth and death certificates are now available online (births prior to 1932, deaths prior to 1957). Click here.

Other related resources include the records of the Phoenix Pioneer Cemetery and the Social Security Death Index.

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The 1880 census is free at the Family History Center's web site, click here.

Check with your local library to see if they subscribe to Heritage Quest. Heritage Quest is free through your library (if they subscribe) and it has on-line censuses with search capabilities for the following US Censuses:

1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900,
1910, 1920 and some of the 1930.

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Libraries and Archives:

Below are selected resources with on-line research capabilities:

Arizona State Library and Archives: Both general information on their collections and services and Digital Collections on-line. (Checkout their digital photograph collection.)

Arizona Historical Society:General information on the Society's Library and collections. None or very limited on-line research materials.

Arizona State Museum:See University of Arizona below.

Arizona State University, Archives and Special Collections: Provides detailed information on collection holdings and other general information.

Arizona Special Materials Index:Provides venue for searching the catalogues of several collections across Arizona to determine where an item is held. Does not provide Digital Collections on-line.

Sharlott Hall Archives: Both general information on their collections and services and Digital Collections on-line. (Checkout their digital photograph collection.)
(focused on Yavapai county)

US GenWeb: Provides member contributed Digital Files arranged by state and county.

University of Arizona: Provides both general information on holdings and various Digital Collections on-line through access to their own and other resources.

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Land Patents:

The Bureau of Land Management provides an on-line resources for land patents and other related information for most states, including Arizona. Click Here

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