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Add authenticity to your music! The genuine African percussion instrument. Smooth or knobby (true maranka) gourd shakers, fitted with cork stoppers. Also available with hota seeds, the traditional hosho seeds, imported from Zimbabwe.

Organic-looking and metallic finishes obtained with permanent leather dyes and other techniques.
Custom color orders accepted
Never get your hosho mixed up with anyone else's again!



Instructional book:"Making Your Own Hosho" Illustrated guide to growing, harvesting,drying, and decorating by MyLinda King.
(18 pages)
(No longer available)

Small hosho for playing with mbira, for children,
and people with small hands.


Note: Hosho gourds and hota seeds are only available during certain seasons. Please call (503) 233-4372 or use the e-mail link below to check availability before sending any money. All hosho come with popcorn unless otherwise specified.

    Number Total
Pure Maranka hosho (super-knobby)
Maranka with color
Hybrid Maranka hosho (semi-knobby) $40.00/pair    
Dipper Gourd hosho (smooth) $35.00/pair    
Maranka gourd seeds (when available) 50 each (limit 8 per customer)    
Hota seeds (when available) Price based on availability. Call or e-mail for current price.    
Postage= $8.50 for first pair of hosho, $15.00 for two pair. Add $2.00 for each book. Add .35c for seeds. Free postage on seeds and book when ordering hosho.    

Contact: marimba (at) teleport (dot) com or send this form to:

MyLinda King
2904 NE Flanders
Portland, OR 97232

Please enclose check or money order.