Comments by Larry Goss on his marimba built with the "Build Your Own Marimba" videotape.

Here's a top view of the marimba I built. I tuned it using a "Sanderson Accutuner", which is what I used to use to tune pianos. I also made it tilt forward, and that was a bit of a challenge.

You might be able to see the inlays in the notes. I was not able to cut through tagua nut with the plug cutter, probably because I don't have a drill press. I just used some scrap hardwood that was in a box of "kindling".

Yes, I made resonators, from 2 or 2.5" (I can't recall which) ABS pipe that I got at Home Depot. I built a support to hold the tube and one to hold each key over the tube, at my workbench, so that I could find the tuning level using a container of water.

It sounds great. I have plenty of material for making rolling napkin holders, too. I couldn't have done this without "This Olde Marimba"! Thanks!!

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