Scott Lazenby describes how he built a complete set
of marimbas with help from the "Build Your Own Marimba" videotape.

Here is a picture from our SCY Marimba Band. Based on your "This Olde Marimba" video series and your advice, we have so far built six marimbas--bass, baritone, and two pairs of tenor and soprano.

Our band is made up of teenagers, and they did some of the work. I made all of the bars, and two other dads made an instrument each (one with a very nice oak frame). My daughter came up with an innovation for the bass--having it angled so the resonators didn't need to have any bends. We used purpleheart for most of the bars (mahogany for the bass), and that has seemed to work well. (Woodcrafters had a sale of scraps by the pound, which saved us a lot of money). We just used pieces of dowel for the inlays.

I have had a lot of woodworking experience (including a custom designed rolltop computer desk, grandfather clock, etc.) but I don't think that's necessary to follow your directions in the tapes. A good ear doesn't hurt, since my digital tuner had a hard time picking up the harmonics for the higher-pitched bars.

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