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This Olde Marimba-How to Build Your Own Marimba
2 DVD Set


This video guide to marimba construction leads the beginning instrument builder through all the steps in the construction of a soprano marimba based on the style developed at the Kwanongoma College of Zimbabwe, Afrika.

$30.00 includes shipping within the United States

Build Your Own Marimba 2 DVD set

Part One

In Part One, the student builder is guided through the process of selecting wood at the lumberyard, determining the dimensions of the keys, tuning the undercuts, and construction of the frame. In addition to the instructions, Part One includes two musical segments: Boka Marimba playing "Laurelhurst" and segments of "Kapotso".

Approximate running time, 77 minutes

Part Two

Part Two details the steps in building the buzzy resonator tubes that are characteristic of this instrument, and shows the builder how to make inlays with the beauty of ivory at a fraction of the cost, using an ivory substitute.

Approximate running time, Part Two: 40 minutes

Fred King has played Zimbabwean music since 1990. He studied with Dumi Maraire, Alport Mhlanga and other Zimbabwean masters. A marimba builder since 1991, he owns and operates Fredtronics Marimbas, a company that has built marimbas and dezes for several professional marimba ensembles and school groups throughout the United States. The video guides have been used successfully by many experienced and beginning builders to make marimbas. Dr. King's approach to marimba construction and teaching the craft of marimba building combines a rare mixture of a scientific understanding of the principles of sound production, an appreciation of the spiritual significance of the music, and the practical use of easily available tools.

These tapes are not intended for commercial use. They are intended for use by marimba students, teachers and performers. For this reason, please let me know how long you have been playing, the name of your teacher or the name of your group when you send in your order request.

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Fred King built some of the instruments used by Boka Marimba, a band that has performed this style of music in Portland, Oregon since 1987. Fred played in Boka Marimba from 1990 to 1998.


Contact: marimba (at) teleport (dot) com