"N3EG - he's a ham, if he can't fix it nobody can!"

Updated 2/1/2006 - N3EG

NEW! N3EG repeaters and digipeaters

N3EG APRS pages. Including mods, info, and commentary.

Ham radio humor!

Signal Peak APRS digipeater telemetry.
APRS weather station at N3EG.
Why I became an ex-member of QCWA at age 42
Ham radio pictures - at home
VHF contesting from grid square CN86 (check out the address!)
Icom 706 MK II power set number to watts conversion table
Icom 706 MK II power output, extended transmit
Syntor X mod for packet (and below 148 MHz!)
Maxtrac/GM300/etc. mods for packet (and connector info)
GP300 VHF modification to 220 MHz!
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Tour de Blast 2002 communications
A 3-wire 9-port antenna switch
Yaesu FT-817 info page.
Questions? Comments?
Signal reports?

Email me at:  N3EG (didah dah) teleport (dit) com.

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