Things you won't normally find on an APRS page!

(Or was it "things you won't find on a NORMAL APRS page" ???)

 APRS and me: How I got into APRS, and my opinions (not all positive)

12/20/04 - Update:  My SIGNAL node is now not transmitting PHG.  Why?  Because Bob Bruninga
has it on his list for "covering" 300 stations.  Has he monitored packets relayed by SIGNAL that use
it as an entry point?  No.  He's just using generic data to generate a list.  So, rather than transmit "false
and deceptive signals" contrary to FCC rules, since it certainly fooled WB4APR, I deleted it.

NEW!   N3EG Heathkit ID-5001 weather station.

NEW!   Radio Shack Digitraveler GPS:   Info on that $29.99 blowout GPS,
aka the "Tripmate for 2003."  Includes:  custom interface to a KPC3,  power
via the 6-pin RJ modular connector,  5 volt regulator,  and more.

 Using Precision Mapping Quick Finder with APRS: How to get that
$9.95 shrinkwrap program to work with WinAPRS and the OCX download.

 Telemetry on the KPC3+ : How to use all 5 inputs beaconed in the KPC3+
telemetry string (those things with T#xxx, an0, an1, an2, an3, an5) visible in
WinAPRS, and where on the circuit board to find them.

 Signal Peak digi: The telemetry, and what it means.

 Shutdown timer for a mobile GPS: How to let your GPS acquire satellites and
THEN shut down in a mobile by using switched power to the GPS with a KPC3+
and BLT   hh : mm : ss   CLEAR.  Reduces false locations and wasted airtime.

 Motorola HT600 RF package in a tracker: Don't try this with YOUR handheld!
How to use a HT600 or P200 to put out 13 watts at 13 volts in your portable
or mobile tracker.  Just remember to observe the RF exposure safety limits
with this one!

 Black and white backgrounds in Precision Mapping: Here's how to change
those annoying colors in Precision Mapping when using WinAPRS.  Makes
the maps easier to read like the standard maps you get with the program.

 Using image files for maps in WinAPRS:  Got a 386 or 486 laptop with a 130 meg
hard drive and 4 meg RAM that barely runs Win95 and WinAPRS?  You can get
detailed maps by scanning or importing on your home PC.

Syntor X on Packet?  Yep, and you can have a 150 watt APRS digi or tracker even
if the radio bandsplit is 148-174.  Just make sure your power supply, battery, and
antenna can handle it - if not, you can turn the power down.  You don't even need
a control head or cable!

 Tripmate modifications: Like everything else here, this is NOT your usual
selection of modifications for a Tripmate.  The basics are covered, along with
how to fit the regulator in a half-case or shield-only configuration and how to do
the external powered-antenna modification.

 Modified TinyTrak - surface mount version of the famous  TinyTrak . . .
Original design by  Byon Garrabrant, N6BG.

Maxtrac/Radius/GM300 on packet: Connections for front panel, internal, or 16 pin
cables to a Motorola dash mount radio.  These are in use as digipeater all over the
Northwest, as well as home stations - I have two home stations and one WIDE digi
using different versions of these.

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