Our top ten reasons for joining ARRL and receiving QST...

10.  Instructor of the year awards.  "Na, na, na na na na...my Elmer
    is a centerfold..."

9.  That certificate saying "...has been elected to membership..."
    Just goes to show you - in America, buying an election is easy.

8.  Those hot pictures of naked circuit boards with all the good
    parts showing.  "Wow - I've never seen LEDs that big before!"

7.  New Digital Mode Of The Month!  This month's digital mode is FART:
      Fourier Assisted Radio Telegraphy.  It supersedes last month's CRAP:
      Coherent Radio Algorithmic Protocol.

6.  YL News and Views...you can read about who that lucky .00001% of
    all male hams are married to.

5.  "Product Reviews - Expensive Amplifiers that Won't Work With
    Standard House Wiring"

4.  AMSAT News:  You Too Can Work Our New Satellites
    on 100 THz Easily.

3.  Hints and Kinks for Dorks and Dinks...

2.  DXpeditions:  Places you'll never be able to spell or
    pronounce, let alone visit!

1.  Q street?  Sounds like a nice place to live...