NOTE:  The remote bases are on these fixed frequencies only.
There is no programmable radio attached to the controller.

Function Code Description
146.52 C00 Receive on 146.52 simplex
147.26 C01 Receive on 147.26 W7DG Longview repeater
147.30 C02 Receive on 147.30 W7DG Woodland repeater
146.88 C03 Receive on 146.88 KC7TLZ Columbia County OR repeater, also a Bremerton repeater
147.06 C04 Receive on 147.06 N7PRJ Baw Faw repeater
144.44 C05 Receive on 144.44 simplex
147.24 C06 Receive on 147.24 W7AIA Clark County repeater
147.28 C07 Receive on 147.28 WB7QIW Hoodview repeater
147.32 C08 Receive on 147.32 K7RPT repeater
145.15 C09 Receive on 145.15 W7UDI Olympia repeater, W7HSJ Hood River repeater
147.38 C10 Receive on 147.38 W7DK Olympia repeater
146.62 C11 Receive on 146.62 WW7RA repeater
146.84 C12 Receive on 146.84 W7LT repeater
145.33 C13 Receive on 145.33 K7NWS Boeing repeater in Seattle;  Evergreen Intertie
146.66 C14 Receive on 146.66 Wickiup/Astoria repeater
146.80 C15 Receive on 146.80 KJ7IY repeater
446.0 C30 Receive on 446.000 National simplex frequency
441.7 C31 Link to 441.700 repeater on Rainier Hill
444.125 C32 Receive on 444.125 W7DG Signal Peak (Mt. St. Helens area) repeater
444.5 C33 Receive on 444.500 N7BAG Nicolai Mt. linked repeater
441.925 C34 Receive on 441.925  KC7TLZ Columbia County, OR repeater
442.025 C35 Receive on 442.025 N7NLL Portland area repeater
441.4 C36 Receive on 441.400 NT7H Olympia repeater
440.3 C37 Receive on 440.300 KC7MZM Portland area repeater
2M TX ON CA2 Enable transmit on two meters (disabled automatically with freq changes)
2M TX OFF CB2 Return to receive only on two meters (disables transmit)
LINKS OFF CA0 Turn off all remote base radios
440 TX ON CA4 Enable transmit on 440 (disabled automatically with freq changes)
440 TX OFF CB4 Return to receive only on 440 (disables transmit)