Top ten reasons for Field Day:

10. "I love the smell of fried power supplies
    in the morning."

9.  Watching the FD chairman trying unsuccessfully to shoot an arrow tied
     to the 80 meter dipole through the top of a fir tree.

8.  Seeing dignified QCWA members running around in
    silly T-shirts.

7.  Mine field training in the cow pasture.

6.  The barbecue.  "CQ Food Day, CQ Food Day..."

5.  Watching the FD chairman trying unsuccessfully to cook the birds he
     shot with the arrow while trying to raise the 80 meter dipole.

4.  The eternal race between your fingers on the keyer paddles
    and the no-code mosquito hovering above them.

3.  Seeing the FD chairman's tent fly up in the air, and wishing you had
    tied the 80 meter dipole to it as it flies over the fir tree.

2.  Watching K9DOG lift his leg and improve your grounding system.

1.  Learning from the FD chairman the correct procedure for using a Transmatch
    to tune a shunt fed fir tree.