Technical topics from the archives...

Things you WON'T find in the tech manuals!

 How a unit of battery voltage got its name

You might be a No-Theory Technician if...

 The FCC's digital mode enforcement plan

What some hams think of APRS:

 The French Resistance (from Bob, WB4APR)

 And it's not much better here (from Ray, KD4BBM)

Ham Radio top ten lists:

 Top ten reasons to join ARRL

 Top ten reasons for Field Day


Even worse: Equipment manuals! 

Ham radio operators say the darnedest things!!!

This is a collection of packet and internet misspellings, foul-ups,  bleeps, and blunders, along with my 
comments in [brackets].

 My computer gave me a virus - and other diseases

 It's MY way or the [information super] HIGHWAY!

 Blame it on the night (and the computer)

 Forget the rules of spelling - just make 'em up as you go along!

 This must be what packet radio is for...