Make your own WinAPRS maps!

If you have a VERY small hard drive on your WinAPRS computer...
If you don't have enough RAM to run WinAPRS with Precision Mapping...
If you want to scan, download, import, or create your own maps...

Thanks to the Sprouls, WinAPRS has the ability to use "images" for maps.
The simplest way I've found to make it work is to use a .GIF file and calibrate
it with a .GEO file - but if all you have is a piece of paper or another mapping
program, you need to follow this procedure (tested with WinAPRS 2.4.7)

1.  If you have a mapping program running and a map on your screen, press
    ALT and PrintScreen.  Then, open MS Paint and choose Edit - Paste.
    The program may ask if you want the bitmap enlarged - answer yes.
    In Paint, you can edit the map if you want - just don't stretch or
    rotate it.

    If you have a scanner, scan your map and save it as a bitmap.
2.  Find a spot on your map in the upper left corner where you know the
    latitude and longitude.  Move your cursor there and note the x/y coordinates
    (pixel numbers).  Then do the same for a known point in the lower right corner.
    If you don't have a mapping program that will give your lat/lon for a cursor
    position, you can always drive there with the GPS!
    Remember, lat/lon has to be in degrees + decimal like  -122.987654 to
    work correctly.  With degrees/minutes/seconds, just use the following:
        degrees + (minutes/60) + (seconds/3600)
    to give the correct number.

3.  Convert your bitmap to a .GIF file with your favorite photo editing software.
    Save it in your WINAPRS/IMAGES folder.

4.  With a text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, etc) create a text file with the same name
    as your map file, but with an extension of .GEO, and put the following in it:

FILENAME        your_map_name_here.gif
Tiepoint        xx        yy        lon        lat
Tiepoint        xxx        yyy        lon        lat

    where the first "tiepoint" is the upper left corner you picked and the second is the
    one in the lower right corner.  An example is:

FILENAME     longview.gif
TIEPOINT     121     65     -122.987595     46.187467
TIEPOINT     765     487     -122.847243     46.095435

    Make sure you use the TAB key and not spaces between entries.
5.  After everything is saved, restart WinAPRS if it was running.  Go to
    WINDOWS/IMAGE FILES and you should see a menu open with
    your map .GIF file listed.  Click on it and it should open just like any other
    APRS map.  You can even zoom in on it!

6.  Hints:
    As always, the more pixels, the better.
    X/Y coordinates should be as close to the corners as possible.
    Remember, most maps are copyrighted.  Distributing them with .GEO
        files would most likely be copyright infringement!  Stay safe - scan your own!
    You can insert text and images into your bitmap maps, such as waypoints,
        landmarks, and so on.  An example of this would be adding information to a
        map of a special event or a search that was provided by the organizers.