What some French hams think of APRS

(or...Ted Kacyznski isn't the only technophobe around!)

(as posted to the APRS SIG by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR)

                Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 11:27:54 -0400 (EDT)
              Author:Bob Bruninga <bruninga@nadn.navy.mil>
              Subject:The French Resistance
I think we have some misunderstandings in France. I post this here only
so some of our European friends can see that they may have some work
to do in gaining acceptance over there... Thanks to ******* who found
this and translated it. By the way, this is NOT unique to
Europe. We went through this same thing
over here in the USA too, when APRS was new back in the 1993-95 time
frame... I just thought you would be amused by seeing it anew... I
removed all email addresses because I do not want to see any flames...

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> From: G&N RUY
> To: [a news group in France]
> Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 9:14 PM
> Subject: Re: La France en APRS sur ...[satellites]
> Good evening to all. I will respond in my own name.
> The Facts:
> APRS is a Trade name by someone maybe TAPR or Bruninga. I do not know.
> The promoter has been mounting an intense publicity campaign for the
> past few months over the AMSAT-NA list to promote the Kenwood THD7
> Radio, he never says to do it yourself and other interesting things
> (Archives of AMSAT-NA messages (At least I believe)>
> Kenwood was condemned in the USA to have attempted to sell commercial
> material that operated in the 144 Mhz Band with the intent to pass 3rd
> party traffic. , Meaning that it could be operated by Non Amateurs and
> covered under amateur practices. The same Bruninga has a plan for
> operations ... via Satellte.
> APRS is perfect for not only commercial vehicular operations and other,
> it is also made for commercial practices.
> I asked the question directly [to Bob], I do not need to comment, here
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> > On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, G&N RUY wrote:
> > > Dear OM,
> > > So far I didn't take the time to address APRS. Here, in Europe,
> > > we have VERY STRONG suspicions that you are undertaking a
> > > commercial use of amateur bands, your continuous support
> > > (advertising ?) of kenwood, along with APRS, the interest of
> > > which for radioamateurs remains to be determined, being not the
> > > less demonstration. So, you would be kind to explain what are
> > > your intentions and actions in that matter.
> > > Sincerely.
> > > From: WB4APR -Sorry, OM
> > > -I love amateur radio and satellites and have been a ham for 38
> > > -years. I am sorry that you are so suspicious of having fun with
> > > -the hobby and looking for neat new applications for amateur radio.
> > > -73's -de WB4APR, Bob
> My Conclusions:
> Bruninga has sold ... APRS ... to Kenwood, this serves as a test bed
> for commercial systems for which we can potentially loose our
> frequencies because of the lack of rescources. He has already tried on
> the following [frequencies] 433, 1260, 2400, Blue toothe etc.
> The demonstrations were done on the ground to validate the process by
> innocent collaborators.
> Bruninga is currently pushing the utilization of FM [packet] Satellites
> to demonstate the concept again all with the help of innocent
> collaborators will to send their rectal temperature to the whole world
> with GPS precision in the P mode without regard to the normal operating
> modes of the satellites, he is taking advantage that no one will
> stop these incursions into normal operating practices.
> I have chosen the following options [on] the utilization of APRS.
> 1. APRS does not serve a purpose.
> 2. Commercial exploitation.
> Do whatever you want but my advice is that if you want to save our
> frequencies, we should not be naive and admit that time for
> negociations at WARC 2000 is at an end and to send people to WARC for
> weeks on end and to hear them say that they were not there to discuss
> the subject of Navigation via satellite and possibly loose on of our
> The course in which Bruninga is engaged is dangerous...
> So for the members of AMSAT are they cold or ???
By the way? who is doing APRS on 433, 1260, 2400 and Bluetooth? <grin>
Tell us all about it so we can play too... de WB4APR, Bob